Best practices

  • Do not alter the structure of your source feed

The structure of the source feed must not change.

The following elements must not undergo changes:

  • Coding,
  • Delimiter,
  • URL,
  • Case and spelling in headings (=title of fields)

Changing one of these elements can affect the publication of your catalogue on the channels. If you have to make these changes, you should refer to the Lengow support client  BEFOREHAND.

Deleting or changing a field in your source feed?

Check your Lengow configurations and make them compatible with the change made to your product catalogue.

Lengow Advice: The transmission of data between your product catalogue and the channel is based on a set of links and rules that you put in place.

If a field no longer exists in your product catalogue or it has been changed, systematically check the feed segmentation, the search/replace function and the automatic rules for the distribution feeds that use this source feed in Lengow.

  • Add as many products as you like to your source feed

You can add as many products as you like to your product catalogues. These will be automatically taken into account the next time your source feed is indexed by Lengow. The general options for your feed, as well as the configurations for this feed, will apply to these new products.

  • Do not alter the product reference field in “Field Matching” without informing the support client

Any changes to fields will cause errors for orders and for the publication of products for some channels.

  • Check your optimised feed(s) regularly

The optimised feed is available to every channel in the blue sidebar in the top right-hand corner.

Lengow Advice: Check the content of your optimised feed(s) regularly.

In this way, you can make sure that:

  • The configurations that you are in the process of putting in place are applied in the way that you want them to be and are in keeping with the needs of the channel
  • The configurations in Lengow are applied to the products that you added to your catalogue later
  • There is no product missing in the optimised feed compared to your source feed (take products that have deactivated by the automatic rules, profitability rules, Feed Segmentation or manually in Product Management or Statistics into account).

All the changes made in Lengow will be instantly displayed in the optimised feed.