Bing Ads

1. Prerequisite

1.1 Log in to Bing Merchant Center

You then need to log in to your Bing Merchant Center account by visiting the following address: and create a shop.

1.2 Install the tos.js tracker

Bing Ads does not allow to use product URL which have a domain different from the merchant website. It is therefore not possible to apply the Lengow tracking on URL (as it is common to do so on most of channels, except for marketplaces). In that case clicks and sales cannot be tracked into the solution.

To allow you to collect clicks from your Bing Ads feed in Lengow, it is required that you apply the Lengow - tos.js tracker on your website.

1.3 Open your Bing Ads data feed in Lengow

Search for the title “Bing Ads”.

Alternatively, look for the European flag in the “Shopbots” section and then select the Bing Ads feed.

2. Set up your Bing Ads feed

Bing Ads asks merchants to use specific attributes in order to reference the products in their platform. You therefore need to adapt these attributes from your source feed on Lengow. 

2.1 Creating a feed segmentation

Before starting to change your attributes, first you need to filter your products so that you don’t send to Bing Ads

  • The products that you do not wish to sell in this platform. 
  • The products in your feed that don’t match the type of products normally found on Bing Ads.
  • "Parent products", if your source feed contains any.

2.2 Match the fields

Bing Ads requires a particular feed structure. In order to proceed with the field matching, you need to go to the page “Feed Management” > “Field matching”:

Check the "Field matching" and complete any missing information. Read the field definitions carefully and there you will find: 

  • The field name.
  • The field definition.
  • Whether the field is required ("Required Field") or optional.  A “required” field needs an attribute to be input so that the product can be created or updated. 
  • Whether it is a free text field or whether specific attributes are required. If you are using a field that requires valid attributes, or if it is a mandatory field, it is compulsory to adapt with Lengow the attributes that are in your source feed. If these attributes are not in your source feed, you must change them using search/replace or automatic rules.

For more details regarding values that are expected and examples, please refer to Bing Ads' help center.

Note: Some fields ("condition", "availability"...) have default values if no values are provided. Provide a different value if the default value does not match with your products.

2.3 Set up product variations

Bing Ads offers you the possibility to display product with variations its platform

2.3.1 Create a segmentation

Bing Ads does not want to receive parent products. You therefore need to filter your "parent products" if your source feed contains any

2.3.2 Fill in the values of your variations

To manage your variations, three fields need to be filled in in "Source feed" > "Field matching" :

  • "item_group_id": This field must contain your parent identifier (a common identifier for all the variations of a product). This data is obligatory if the product has variations.
  • "color", "sizes", "material", "pattern": According to the name of the attribute, these fields must contain either the color of your products, the size of your products, the material of your products or th pattern of your products. This data is mandatory if the product is varied by color.

2.4 Set up your price / special offers / sales

2.4.1 Products without discount

For products without discount, you must fill in these fields:

  • price": this field should contain the price of the product.
  • price_currency": should contain the currency associated to the value filled in the "price" field.

2.4.2 Products with special offers / sales

Parameters are the same for special offers and sales on Bing Ads.

Two "price" fields are available wihin Bing Ads structure and some associated fields should be completed:

  • "price": this field should contain the price before discount.
  • "price_currency": should contain the currency associated to the value filled in the "price" field.
  • "sale_price_value": this field should contain the reduced price if the product is on sale or has a promotion. 
  • "sale_price_currency": this field should contain the currency associated to the value filled in the "sale_price_value" field.
  • "sale_price_effective_date":  this field should contain the time when the promotion/sale will be available. Required format: YYYY-MM-DD followed by the letter 'T', the time of day followed by an expression for the time zone as defined by the ISO 8601 standard.

2.6 Category mapping

In order to correctly categorise your products on Bing Ads, use the Bing Ads taxonomy so that your categories match those of the channel. To carry out this mapping, go to the tab “Product Management”. Values that you are mapping here, will appear within the "google_product_category" field in your optimised feed.

  • Open the Bing Ads taxonomy
  • Search for your category in the taxonomy (press “ Ctrl+F “ to search for your desired key word)
  • Click on the corresponding line
  • Click on “SAVE”

 Don’t forget to click on “SAVE” once you have carried out this operation.

2.7 The options tab

In the “Options” tab of your Bing Ads feed, check the various points and modify them if needed. For more details about this tab, consult our tutorial "Options tab".

2.8 Check the attributes in your updated feed 

To check the data sent to the channel, consult the optimised feed. All the updating that you have done in Lengow will be visible IMMEDIATELY (automatic rules, search/replace, matching etc.).

Comment: Check your updated feed as often as possible to reassure yourself that your parameters have been correctly applied to your new products. 

3. Integration of your catalogue on Bing Ads

Log in to your account and, submit the url from your Bing Ads optimised feed.

For more info, please consult the Bing Ads help > paragraph "Automatically download from URL".

4. Error report

Bing Ads make available error reports showing you blocking point for the creation and/or the update of your offers on the platform.

Read carefully this report and correct mistakes that might remain.

5. Daily optimisation

To optimise the broadcast of your products, read points 5 to 8 of our guide "How to adapt your comparison feed?". We will find:

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