“Campaign Tracking” tool User Guide

1. Presentation of the tool

Lengow Campaign Tracking is a new tracking tool for all marketing campaigns that a retailer might use.

The advantage of this new tool is that the retailer will be able to analyse all the data from his online web-marketing campaigns (affiliation, newsletters, SEM, Tickets, (each click can be traced) and not only the data from the product catalogue).

2. Activating Campaign Tracking

To activate Campaign Tracking, go to your statistics page, then click on the button on the right-hand-side of your page.  

 Click here to activate the functionality.  

 Once activated, the block will appear here.

Campaign Tracking will be displayed on the main part of the statistics page.

3. Adding a new campaign

3.1 Naming your campaign

Click on the creation button, then name your campaign. 

Click on this button to create a new campaign or visualize the current campaigns .

  • To create a new campaign, name it then validate .
  •  Click once more on “Visualise your campaigns” to see the new campaign .

3.2 Retrieving the standard structure of the tracking URL

You will then see the tracking URL you need to use

  • Activate/deactivate the campaign  
  • Delete the campaign 
  • Edit the name of the campaign 
  • Standard URL to use. You will need to enter the correct values in the URL settings 
  • Define the settings of the URL in question 

You will need to use this URL during the setting up of your E-marketing campaign. Beforehand, you will need to enter the following URL settings (compulsory step)

  • Label > the name of the link, as you would like it to be displayed in your statistics (e.g.: homepage, product6, etc. )
  • Group > name of the category associated with the click for displaying in the statistics. If it relates to a tracking campaign on a newsletter, you could for example indicate it as a “Christmas Newsletter” value.
  • CPC > the cpc that you will associate with the click so that Lengow can then calculate costing within the statistics.
  • url > the destination URL that should be traced.

3.3 Example

Here is an example of a possible setting.

I would like to set up tracking on different formats of banner, to evaluate a display campaign on an affiliate site.

With the affiliate, I define that I will pay him the amount of 0.10 € per click.

All the clicks will be associated to a category named “banner_ campaign”,  excluding the 728×90 banner that can be found in the “footer_banner_ campaign”.  

Each recorded click will be associated to the format of the corresponding banner, thanks to the labels.

http://tracking.lengow.com/metrix/?token=1234-56789&cpc=0.10&libelle=468x60&group= banner&url_campaign=http://www.monsite.com/special_soldes/

http://tracking.lengow.com/metrix/?token=1234-56789&cpc=0.10&libelle=234x60&group= banner&url_campaign=http://www.monsite.com/special_soldes/

http://tracking.lengow.com/metrix/?token=1234-56789&cpc=0.10&libelle=250x250&group= banner&url_campaign=http://www.monsite.com/special_soldes/

http://tracking.lengow.com/metrix/?token=1234-56789&cpc=0.10&libelle=336x280&group= banner&url_campaign=http://www.monsite.com/special_soldes/

http://tracking.lengow.com/metrix/?token=1234-56789&cpc=0.10&libelle=120x600&group= banner&url_campaign=http://www.monsite.com/special_soldes/

http://tracking.lengow.com/metrix/?token=1234-56789&cpc=0.10&libelle=728x90&group= footer&url_banner_campaign=http://www.monsite.com/special_soldes/

4. Deduplication and sales confirmation

Campaign Tracking is a tool that is interwoven into Lengow’s native tracking solution. The settings that you will apply to your broadcasting statistics will also apply to Campaign Tracking.

As a reminder, you can decide:

  • To deduplicate the sales (associate the sale to the last broadcaster clicked), or not.
  • To take into account only confirmed orders (orders where payment has been validated) or not.
  • To associate the sale to the date of the click or to the date of the order.

You can define these from your account management "tracking" tab.

5. Visualizing your campaign results

Select the period over which you wish to display your statistics and visualize the number of clicks made on your e-marketing campaigns. The display is the same as for the broadcasting campaigns of your classic products.

6. Cost and invoicing

The business model of this new product is linked to the click. Each retailer will be able to credit his “pack of clicks” account for his campaigns to function. Each Lengow retailer benefits from a pack of 10 000 clicks free of charge, to test this product.

It is also possible to recredit your account via a bank payment.