Category and product management

1. What is "Category Mapping"?

Category Mapping allows you to bring your source feed’s categories and a channel’s categories together.

This step is required for your products to be classified in the appropriate categories in the channel on which you wish to publish your products.

Category Mapping is carried out in the Product Management section.

2. When should I map categories on the price comparison feeds?

Some channels force you to carry out this type of mapping while others do not.

You should map categories when the channel’s taxonomy (list of categories) is available in Product Management.

In Lengow, the taxonomy is represented by this icon: 

In Product Management in your feed, click on the  icon to open the channel’s taxonomy , then choose the correct category and click save using the pencil icon .

Tip: use the CRTL+F shortcut to search the taxonomy.

If the channel’s thesaurus is not available, this action is not required for this channel. This means there are no categories that need mapping.

3. When should I map categories on the marketplace feeds?

This stage of category mapping can significantly differ from one marketplace to another.

Consult the dedicated marketplace guide of your choice to find out how best to map categories on that marketplace.