TagClassic guide

1. The classic tag code: lead.php tracker

To ensure that your sales are tracked and show up in the “Statistics” section of the Solution, you need to implement a tracking tag. You can choose to implement a simple tag (on the page of the choice for payment method) or to implement a double tag (both on the choice of payment method page and the order confirmation page).

If you only place a simple tag, all sales will show up in your Statistics board, whether they have been confirmed and validated by a bank or other payment method or not.
We recommend that you place this conversion tracking tag on the page of the choice of payment method:

<img src=“https://tracking.lengow.com/lead.php?idClient=LENGOW_CUSTOMER_ID&idGroup=LENGOW_GROUP_ID&price=PRICE&idCommande=ORDER_ID&modePaiement= PAYMENT_METHOD&listingProduit=PRODUCT_LIST” alt=“” border=“0” />

LENGOW_CUSTOMER_ID (mandatory): Your Lengow customer ID (integer value)

LENGOW_GROUP_ID (mandatory): Your Lengow Group ID (integer value
PRICE (mandatory): the order amount (float value e.g.1254.54)
ORDER_ID (mandatory): the order ID (integer value)

Optional parameters (do not insert the other variables if you do not use them)
PAYMENT_METHOD (optional): payment’s method (string value)
PRODUCT_LIST (optional): List of purchased products (string value with a pipe delimiter)
The Lengow Customer ID and Lengow Group ID will be provided to you, when your account is created. You can also find them in the interface of the solution:
Customer ID > visible in the menu “view my account details” in the upper right of the interface and, next to the logout button
Group ID > visible from this page

2. The classic tag code: leadValidation.php tracker

<img src=“https://tracking.lengow.com/leadValidation.php?idClient=LENGOW_CUSTOMER_ID&idGroup=LENGOW_GROUP_ID&idCommande=ORDER_ID” alt=“” />

Warning: The order ID variable must be the same between the tracker lead.php and the tracker leadValidation.php

Adding this second tag will allow you to only track paid and confirmed orders.

You must place this second tracker on the return payment page or your thank you page.

If you use this tracker, you can activate the order confirmation on this page.

Be aware: If you do not have the order ID generated on your payment page for the lead.php tracker, you can place both trackers lead.php and leadValidation.php on your confirmation page.
lead.php must be placed before leadValidation.php, please respect this order on your confirmation page.

3. How to test Lengow tags

To check if the tags are well implemented, you must make a test order using a Lengow encoded URL (taken from one of your optimized feeds). You can take an encoded link (starting with “http://tracking.lengow.com”) directly in your Lengow optimized feeds. Copy the link and paste it in your browser, it will redirect you to your website and you can now make your test order.

Keep the source code of your payment method and payment confirmation pages while making the test order. If the sale does not appear in Lengow within 30 minutes, please contact us and send us the source code of your pages.