Client Account


How to contact support
We have implemented a new system of ticket management to improve our support. So you can monitor the processing of your tickets and centralize all your requests within a single interface. We now ask you not to use the email address
Create a VIP account
How to manage VIP accounts? The VIP accounts allow you to grant access to co-workers or partners to the feed configuration or to the statistics tab in Lengow, for instance. You will find below some help about the creation and configuration ...
Calculate your ROI with Lengow
Lengow allows you to optimise the profitability of your campaigns to acquire traffic through price comparison websites.  However, you must choose the method for calculating ROI which is most appropriate to you.  Here’s some in...
Merchant account details
The merchant account details allows you to manage many details, as: Information of your personal account VIP accounts Indexation alerts Billing Check the feeds dashboard Groups Tracking Feed security API pl...