How to contact support

We have implemented a new system of ticket management to improve our support. So you can monitor the processing of your tickets and centralize all your requests within a single interface. We now ask you not to use the email address but to go through this interface for all your new applications. Here is a guide showing you how to access the ticket interface, create and track your requests.

1. Accessing the ticket interface

You can access our new ticket interface by following this link:

2. Login / create a new account

2.1 Login to your account

If you are the owner of the master account in your Lengow solution, an account has already been created for you in our ticket interface. To access it, you must use the login (your email) and password used to login to Lengow solution.

Click the “Sign In” at the top right of the interface.

If you encounter a connection issue, thank you to let us know by emailing us exceptionally

2.2 Creation of your account

Click the login button at the top right of the interface and click the 'Sign up' link and let yourself be guided through the registration process.

Once your account is created you can connect to your ticket management interface.

3. Consult our documentation

Once connected, you have access to all our documentation. You can perform a search from the search engine or go directly to an article.

4. Create a new support ticket

If you do not find your answer in our documentation, please contact us by creating a new support ticket. To do this, click on the button “Submit a request”

You then go to the Lengow tickets form. We ask you to complete various informations to allow us to process your request in the best conditions.

4.1 Information to be entered in the tickets form

  • Lengow customer id (required)

You must enter your Lengow customer ID for proper care of your request. Your Lengow customer ID is visible from the interface of your solution in the drop down menu to the right “to see the details of my account” (Id visible next to the logout button).

  • Subject (required)

Enter the subject of your support ticket

  • Description (required)

Please enter the details of your request with all the information that would enable us to identify your problem and solve it as soon as possible (feed id concerned, screenshot attachment, order id, etc..). A member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.

  • Your problem is (required)

Classify your support request from the list available in the dropdown menu. Choose “Other” if you do not find a match.

  • Choose a channel (optional)

If your request concerns a particular channel, thank you to indicate. Otherwise leave this menu.

4.2 Adding an attachment

You can now associate an attachment to your ticket to illustrate your points. To do this simply drag the file into the area dedicated to the attachements at the bottom of the ticket form.

4.3 Ticket submission / e-mail confirmation

Once your ticket sent, you will receive an automatic email confirmation meaning its taken over by an agent of our support team. A response will be made as soon as possible.

You will be redirected to your dashboard ticket.

5. Ticket dashboard

To access your ticket dashboard, click your name at the top right and then go to “My activities”.

5.1 Visualize all your tickets

The dashboard lets you view all of your ticket, the date of the last exchange and the status currently assigned.

Note: Tabs “Contributions” and “Following” are not to be used at the moment. These are features that are not yet activated.

5.2 The different status of ticket

There are different status in Zendesk:

  • New: for new unassigned tickets and not processed by the Lengow support
  • Open: for tickets waiting for a response from the support Lengow
  • Awaiting your reply: for tickets waiting for a response from you
  • Solved : for tickets considered solved (you can re-open if needed)

Note: no response from you, we automatically pass your ticket resolved after seven days and send you an email alert. Of course you can re-open the ticket by replying.

5.3 Access the content of a ticket

To access the content of a ticket, to respond or complete your request, click on the topic of the ticket.

6. Viewing a ticket / answering it

Once you have clicked on the topic of a ticket in your “my activities”, you access the contents of the ticket.

You can answer your ticket from this page or by replying to the email that you have received automatically.