1. Prerequisite

1.1 Install the tos.js tracker

Criteo does not allow to use product URL which have a domain different from the merchant website. It is therefore not possible to apply the Lengow tracking on URL (as it is common to do so on most of channels, except for marketplaces). In that case clicks and sales cannot be tracked into the solution.

To allow you to collect clicks from your Criteo feed in Lengow, it is required that you apply the Lengow - tos.js tracker on your website.

1.2 Open your Bing Ads data feed in Lengow

Search for the title “Criteo”.

Alternatively, look for the European flag in the Shopbots section and then select Criteo Performance Product Feed V2.

2. Set up your Criteo feed

Criteo asks merchants to use specific attributes in order to reference the products in their platform. You therefore need to adapt these attributes from your source feed on Lengow.

Both the field matching structure and the product categorization are the same as for the Google Shopping - Online Products feed.

Refer to our dedicated guide to make this setting.