CRON job


CRON jobs are programs allowing Unix users to automatically execute scripts, commands or software applications at any date or time specified in advance or according to cycles defined in advance.

General examples

The implementation of CRON jobs can be useful for numerous IT-related procedures, as for instance:

  • Saving databases automatically
  • Sending customers overdue invoice reminders
  • Generating statistics and emailing them in pdf format at given dates and times.
  • Generating the reprocessing of files

Examples applied to Lengow

When Lengow is used for placing products on line on marketing channels and for the management of marketplace orders , CRON jobs can be implemented:

  • If Lengow plugins are used:
    • To automate order imports. These jobs enable order import frequencies to be defined from Lengow for the benefit of the vendor back office system.
    • Very rarely and only at the request of Lengow *: for the generation of the product catalogue. This could be necessary if the catalogue is generated too slowly or in the case of server protections when the said protections prevent Lengow servers from accessing vendor servers.

* The Lengow IT team recommends catalogue recovery by streaming (ie. live), to be distinguished from file generation (ie. by implementing CRON jobs).

  • Outside the use of Lengow plugins:
    • To automate the import of orders from the Lengow vendor back office system.
    • To generate the product catalogue

How can you check that any CRON job runs correctly?

View the logs history to check that the programmed job(s) (for the generation of a catalogue and/or the import of orders) are generated at a uniform rate throughout the given period.

Who can implement CRON jobs?

Anyone qualified to modify a computer program code (systems developers or administrators).

Requisite knowledge

Mastery of the IT language in question.


Lengow does not implement CRON jobs on behalf of its vendor-customers.