Customising a product page

Customising a product page

The purpose of the Lengow solution is to enable you to edit a feed without needing the usual technical skills. You can therefore customise each of your product pages individually or globally.

1. Customising a product page

To customise the values of a product, go to “Gestion des offres” for your feed. Using a search engine or a category, click on the name of the product to access its detail page.

  • Point 1 : Edit the values contained in your source feed for this product .
  • Point 2 : Apply these values to all of the feeds for the current group .

You can check your customisations in the optimised feed.

Please note: If you customise the values of your source feed in “Field matching”, the customised values of the product page will not be taken into account.

2. Duplicating customised fields for other products

Duplication options are located at the bottom of your product page. Several choices are available to you:

Please note: Duplicating customised content only works in feeds that have the same source feed (the same structure and the same field names).