Enabling, disabling and programming products

Enabling, disabling and programming the distribution of your products

How can you reduce your traffic acquisition costs? If you want to disable a product or category, or segment a feed, etc., Lengow has the features you need to optimise distribution of your product catalogue. Here are a few pointers for managing your profile and saving money.

When it comes to enabling or disabling products, some marketplaces operate in a particular way; please refer to the Channel Management in Marketplaces tutorial for more information.

1. Enabling/disabling the distribution of your products in "Product Management"

Using the icons  you can enable, disable and/or programme the distribution of a product or a complete category.

2. Enabling/disabling a product in the Product Page

You can enable or disable a product in one or all of your feeds via the product page in Product Management.

2.1 Disabling a product in several feeds

To enable/disable a product in several feeds at the same time: open the product page and select the price comparison sites on which you would like to enable/disable the product:


2.2 Disabling a product in all feeds

Do you want to stop sending this product to all of your channels? You can disable it directly via the product page by selecting “Deactivate this product in all feeds?”:

3. Enabling/disabling several products using automatic rules

You can enable or disable a group of products by creating an automatic rule. In the example shown below, all the products in the “Lampe” category under €50 are disabled:

**Please note**: Do not use this for your marketplace feeds (other than RueDuCommerce and Priceminister).

In this case, you need to change the quantity of your products to 0

4. Segmenting the sending of your products directly in your feed

You can use the Segmentation button to segment your feed so that only certain products are sent. In the example below, you enable only those products with the value “In stock” in the field “Availability”:

5. Enabling/disabling products directly in statistics

You can manage your catalogue distribution using your statistics. You can disable an entire feed, a category or a product that is insufficiently profitable by clicking on the blue icon.

6. Creating profitability alerts

Would you like to receive alerts when your products are not hitting their profitability targets? In the “Alertes Indexation” tab of your client account, you can define profitability rules which automatically disable insufficiently profitable products according to your criteria.