Facebook - Shop

Your Facebook feed is now available in Lengow’s. This handbook will help you to configure and personnalise your Facebook store.

1. How to install the Lengow ShoppingBox application

Click on http://apps.facebook.com/lengow-shopping/, you will be redirected to the following page.

Click on « Ajouter l’application » (add the application), on the following page, click on « Ajouter ShoppingBox Lengow » (add the Lengow ShoppingBox):

2. How to customize your Facebook store

2.1 Manage your Store tab

The tab appears in the menu of your Facebook page. If you do not see it, click on .  This tab should appear.

If you wish to move the tab to another place, select the store tab and keep your mouse pressed down on it. Drag and drop it to the place you wish. Please not that you cannot put the tab before Wall or Info.

2.2 Rename your Store tab

You can easily rename your store application, go to the page Settings and then to the ShoppingBox application settings.

2.3 “Top Product” function

You can select as many products as you like, but for a better visibility, we advise to restrict the displaying to 15 products per page.

Then go to in and filter the product catalogue like :

In this example, we send 15 products randomly.

2.4 How to add a header and/or footer

In "Feed Management" > "Template", you can edit your ShoppingBox header and footer.

To save changes, click on: 

2.5 Number of products per page

As said above, we limit the number of products displayed per page to 15. You can edit this filter at any time, through the segmentation page in Lengow.

3. Set up your Paypal payment on Facebook

If you would like to give your Facebook fans the possibility to buy your products directly on Facebook, you can use the Paypal API.

In this case, you must indicate your API login in the “feed” section, tab “API login”.

How to retrieve your Paypal API login:

When the Paypal payment is active, a new tab “Order” appears in Lengow for your Facebook feed. This tab will allow you to check your Facebook orders.