Facebook Dynamic Ads

1. Introduction - Manage your Facebook Dynamic Ads feed on Lengow

Facebook Dynamic Ads is an advertising service developed by Facebook which gives advertisers the opportunity to promote their products by posting their catalogues on the social network.

For further information you can read the dedicated articles on our blog:

2. Opening your feed in Lengow

2.1 Open your Facebook account

Before opening your "Facebook Dynamic Ads" feed on Lengow, make sure you have opened a Facebook Business Manager account.

2.2 Opening your Lengow feed

Request to create a new feed in Lengow.

  • Search for the title “eu - Facebook Dynamic Ads” and chose the one you need.
  • Or search in the “Comparison Shopping Sites” section, select the flag "Europe", and then choose the "Facebook Dynamic Ads" feed.

3. Configure your "Facebook Dynamic Ads" feed

3.1 Split up your products

Before starting to change your attributes, first you need to filter your products so that you don’t send to Facebook Dynamic Ads

  • The products that you do not wish to send to Facebook.
  • "Parent products", if your source feed contains any

3.2 Match the fields

To match the fields, go to the "Feed management" page > "Field matching" tab :

You will find a definition of each of the fields on the right. The definition of these fields is provided by Facebook and gives you the values expected by Facebook. Some fields are mandatory and contain the "Required Field" value, other fields are recommended and contain the "Optional Field" value.

At least one value must be entered in the "gtin", "brand" and "mpn" fields.

Match these fields with those of your source feed and adapt them if necessary with the help of search/replace or automatic rules

3.3 Variations management

For the management of variations, match the "item_group_id" field with the field of your source feed that contains the parent identifiers of your products.

Variations are only possible by colour, size, material or pattern.

  • If you make variations by colour, fill in the "colour" field
  • If you make variations by size, fill in the "size" field
  • If you make variations by material, fill in the "material" field
  • If you make variations by pattern, fill in the "pattern" field

Remember to carry out a feed segmentation on your "parent products" if your source feed contains them.

Facebook recommends that each product variation has:

  • a URL image per variation (except if the variation is by size).
  • a product URL per variation.

3.4 Creating mapping of categories

Use the "Facebook Dynamic Ads" thesaurus to match your categories with those of the distributor. To do this mapping, click on the “Product Management” tab:

  • Open the "Facebook Dynamic Ads" thesaurus 
  • Search for your category in the thesaurus (use “Ctrl + F” to search for your desired key word)
  • Click on the corresponding line
  • Click on “SAVE”

 Remember to click on “SAVE” once the operation is complete.

3.5 Options Tab

In the “Options” tab of your "Facebook Dynamic Ads" feed, verify the different items and modify those needed. For more details about this tab, consult our "Options Tab" tutorial.

3.6 Verify your values in your optimised feed

To verify data sent to the distributor, consult the optimised feed. All optimisations performed in Lengow are visible IMMEDIATELY (automatic rules, search/replace, matching, etc.)

For more details about the way to open your optimised feed, consult our tutorial.

Note: Verify your feed as often as possible to ensure that your settings are being applied correctly to all your new products.

4. Integrating your ads on Facebook Dynamic Ads

4.1 Send your catalogue to Facebook Dynamic Ads

In your Facebook Business Manager account:

  • Click on the "Settings" tab  > “Product Catalogs" > "Add New Product Catalog" .

  • Select "Create a new product catalog", if you are exporting your first catalogue to Facebook Dynamic Ads. Otherwise, select "Request access to another business's product catalog".

  • And then set the following information:

Name your feed

Insert the URL of your "Facebook Dynamic Ads" optimised feed in TXT format in "Feed URL". This URL is available at the top right of your Lengow Facebook Dynamic Ads feed.


You have nothing to enter in "Credentials"

Encoding: leave "Auto Detect"

Delimiter: leave "Tab" and leave "Use quoted fields" unticked.

In "Upload Date" select the frequency at which Facebook will collect your Lengow optimised feed (we recommend that you specify "Daily"). Remember to set your Lengow indexation schedule approximately 1 hour before Facebook collects your optimised feed.

Save by clicking on "Schedule"

4.2 Management of your advertisements on Facebook Dynamic Ads

Now that your catalogue is loaded on your Facebook Business Manager account, make sure you carry out the following steps to start posting your products on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/online-sales/dynamic-product-ads#Step2

Then, you will be able to create and manage your campaigns within Power Editor. More information here : https://en-gb.facebook.com/help/1598907360340114/

 Attention: this point is not managed by Lengow. If you experience difficulties with these next steps, refer to the Facebook help pages. 

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