Use the feed segmentation

How to filter a feed with Lengow?

You will find below some advices to help use the segmentation tool.

1. Segmentation conditions

To define segmentation, you must set up conditions (! =, LIKE…) for the values of your fields. Each condition is explained on the segmentation page.

In our example, we have set up a rule stating that only products with free delivery and a price superior or equal to £100 are displayed.

Once you have defined your conditions, save the modifications to apply the segmentation to your exit feed. The number of distributed products can be seen at the top of the page.

2. Schedule, save and duplicate a segmentation

The solution enables you to schedule segmentation. This function is very useful during sales periods or for your promotional events.

You can save segmentation or apply the segmentation to all of the distribution channels. Tick the corresponding box and save the modifications.

Warning: When you save a segmentation rule, it is not necessarily applied to your feed by default.

3. Your saved segmentations

All of your saved segmentations are available at the bottom of the page. To apply a saved segmentation, retrieve the feed url that you want and send it to the channel.

NB: The products that you have filtered are not deleted. They are still available in the source feed and can be distributed again if you delete the segmentation.