"Field matching" tab

Field matching is the essential functionality of the solution. It allows you to define which of the fields from your source feed will be placed in the field of the optimised and generated feed.

In addition to programmed rules, it specifically allows you to resolve compatibility problems you might come across when submitting your feeds to the various media.

You can:

  • Define the values of the optimized feed
  • Complete the values of a field
  • Add a personalised value

1. How does it work?

Field matching is presented in the form of a tri-column correlation table:

  • The fields requested by the medium
  • The fields present in your source feed
  • The personalization field

For each of the fields of the diffuser, you will find a definition indicating the format of the required values.

2. What purpose does it serve?

  • Point  – Defining the values of a feed

We define a matching by default, when your feed is created. You can adapt the matching to suit you, by selecting the adequate field for your source feed.

  • Point  – Personalising your values

You can add a fixed value either before or after the value contained in your source feed. In this example, we have added “Sales–” in front of the title of each product. To use a field from the source feed, place the exact title in accolades. In this case, you will need to leave the matching empty in column 1.

  • Point  – Personalising your values (2)

The column + Personalized Field allows you to add an extra value to that of your source feed (if a field is matched in column 1). In our example, a tracking is added to the urls of your product sheets: http://www.monsite.com/nom-produit/id.html?utm_source=LENGOW_leguide

  • Point  – Adding a value

If a field is missing from your source feed, you can add the same fixed value to all your products, by indicating it in the personalized field.