"Search / Replace" tab

The Search / Replace function allows you to adapt or change your field values very quickly in one field or all fields.

1. How does it work?

To access the function, go to Feed management and then Search / Replace.

  1. Enter the value to be changed in the 1st field
  2. Enter the new value in the second field
  3. Select your data feed field in the drop down menu. The find/replace will be applied on this field.
  4. Choose the Match type:
    • Strict: our system will look for your exact value in the field(s) and will only apply when the field(s) match(es) this exact value (be aware of spaces and the case of the word/expression).
    • Broad: the function will apply when the field includes the value (case also needs to be respected)
  5. “Save in all feeds?”: select the feeds on which you want to duplicate this Find / Replace.

The Broad matching type is the most common type.

2. How to use it?

Here are some Find/Replace examples:

Replace a value
Replace « In stock » by 0 (as required by the partner) in your availability field:

Fill in a value
Your field Delivery_time is empty and needs to be filled in? Enter |RIEN| when the field is empty:

Remove a value
Remove the value from your field Brand from your Title field:

Remove the brand SAMSUNG from your Title field:

3. Searching for/replacing, or automatic rules?

Use the search/replace function when you want to replace the values in a particular field. If you want to modify the value in a field in accordance with another field or you want to programme a future modification, you should use the automatic rules.