Fnac uses the Mirakl platform to manage the creation of products in its marketplace.

To create new products, you must request the creation of a "FNAC-Mirakl" feed and choose the universe corresponding to your products via this link.

All the setting information can be found on Point 3 of this article.

1. How does FNAC work?

1.1 Before creating your FNAC feed

Contact Fnac (vendeurspros.mp@fnac.com) to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website.

1.2 Two types of feed available for FNAC

To list products on FNAC, reference products have to exist on the marketplace.

There are two types of channel available for Fnac:

  • Fnac Marketplace API: enables to publish and update your offers on Fnac and to retrieve your orders.
  • Fnac Mirakl - (product universe): enables to create new products on Fnac. You have to use this channel in addition to the "Fnac Marketplace API" if your products don't exist in the Fnac catalogue yet.

1.3 Variation Values

FNAC doesn't manage products variations and will create a separate product page for each product variation from your products catalogue.

For instance, there will be different product pages for a cell-phone available in different colors on FNAC:
- One product sheet for the product X in black
- One product sheet for the product X in grey
- One product sheet for the product X in red
- One product sheet for the product X in blue

Note: Use the Segmentation to exclude the "parent" type of products from your feed.

2. Configure your FNAC Marketplace API feed

Once your FNAC marketplace API feed has been created, products are automatically send to FNAC.

FNAC uses your EAN codes to match your offers with the existing products.

2.1 You already have products displayed on FNAC?

If you already have products live on FNAC, these products have to be set with a quantity of 0 within your FNAC account, before we can upload your feed. To do so, you need to upload an empty .csv file in a “replacement” mode within your FNAC account.

If you need help, your FNAC account manager should be able to assist you.

2.2 Field matching

2.2.1 ID products/EAN codes fields

Once the catalog is sent, connections EAN / ID products are final and can not be changed in the marketplace. By default, we match the field with your field containing identifiers products, but if you have multiple fields Id Products (product_id, internalref, SKU, reference_product…), you will have to check that the matching field Offer_reference fits well to your Product ID used internally.

There are two fields to check : 

If this is not the right field that was Matched, warn the support by ticket.

2.2.2 Definition of other FNAC fields

An example of matching fields : 

price : This field should contain the item's price (min. 0.90€). Offers with less than 0.90€ price can not be sent or updated on FNAC.
product_state : product status, 9 possible values (see definition of fields). An incorrect or missing value will block the sending of datas and therefore the update offers.
quantity : an integral number strictly between 0 and 999. Wrong value (-1 or 1000) or missing will block the sending of datas and therefore the update offers.
You need to create automatic rules to modify the quantities of your products if they are not included in this range.
description : precise description of the specific product to the seller. Typically, vendors provide information about their products, such as delivery time, shipping country or other custom message to be displayed in the list of offers on FNAC records. In the case of a used product for example, specify the state of degradation of the product - limited to 255 char.
internal_comment : internal review of the listing - limited to 255 because.
product_type : the type of product reference transmitted (Ean, ISBN, FnacID) capitalization of this field must be respected. Exceptions, you should not modify the contents of this field.

2.3 Setting up your sales, promotions and special offers

2.3.1 Sales & Promotions

To set up your sales, follow our guide.

2.3.2 Black Friday

Fill in these fields to take part to the Black Friday (FNAC requests to receive promotional offers before the 17th of November 2017) :

  • promotion_type: select "GoodDeal"
  • discount_type
  • discount_value
  • starts_at
  • ends_at
  • promotion_uid: free value, contact your fnac account manager in case specific value is needed.

2.4 Configure your shipping costs

The choice of delivery methods and shipping costs has to be made in your Fnac back office ("Mon compte vendeur" > "Mes paramètres vendeurs").

For the logistic categories, several options are possible. You can either:

  • Keep the default logistics category attributed by Fnac to your offers. In that case, no action on your part is necessary. Contact your Fnac account manager if you want to receive more details on this.  


  • Modify the default logistic categories attributed by Fnac. In this case, follow the following steps: 

1 / Add a virtual field "Fnac_logistic_type_id" by going to in "Feed Management" > "Source feed" tab

2 / Match this virtual field with the field "logistic_type_id" in "Feed Management" > "Field matching" tab. Save by clicking on "Save Modifications" at the bottom of the page.

3 /  Create one (or more) automatic rules to fill in the virtual field "Fnac_logistic_type_id" with your chosen value (ask Fnac to provide you with details on the logistics classes available).


  • Set up free shipping costs . To configure that, go in your Fnac back office : "Mon compte vendeur" > "Mes paramètres vendeurs".

NOTE : Contact your Fnac account managner if you want to activate the "livraison volumineuse" option for your large packages.

2.5 Notes on product information sent to FNAC

The marketplace API feed only sends certain information to FNAC: Title, description, price, quantity, EAN, product Id.

Shipping costs are managed directly on the FNAC (however, you can create an automatic rule to add your shipping price to your products if you wish).

The images are not sent by Lengow , FNAC will map your product to product existing on the marketplace and provides images of this offer will be used for your product.

In case of problems on the images, you will have to contact FNAC directly.

2.6 FNAC API logins (shop ID)

You must indicate your FNAC Shop ID (provided by FNAC) in Lengow, Feed management/API logins.

2.7 Sending/uploading your Offers

  • Offers: It is sent to Fnac every 4 hours. When the offers feed is received by Fnac, the Fnac site is updated almost immediately. 

2.8 Deleting an offer

To delete an offer from your feed FNAC, you must remove it from your source feed or change the quantity of this product to “0” either in the source stream, either in the Lengow management offers (by going on the product record)

3. Configure your FNAC Mirakl feed

If your products don't exist on FNAC, then ask for a "Fnac Mirakl - (your products universe)" feed on Lengow.

3.1 Field Matching

Some fields are mandatory and you must fill them in so that you product can be created. Other fields are optional but it is recommended to fill in a maximum of fields so that your product sheets can be the most complete possible and then more attractive.

If specific values are required, you will see the following message "Valeur de liste" in the field definition in the "Field Matching" tab. In that case, refer to the dedicated files to know the values accepted by Fnac for each field : 

If values from your source feed do not correspond to the ones expected by Fnac you must adapt them by using Search-Replaces and/or Automatic Rules.

3.2 Category mapping

In order to categorise your products on Fnac, use the Fnac taxonomy so that your categories match those of the Fnac marketplace. To carry out this mapping, go to the tab "Product Management":

  • Open the Fnac taxonomy
  • Search for your category in the taxonomy (press "Ctrl+F" to search for your desired key word)
  • Click on the corresponding line
  • Click on "SAVE"

Note: The category mapping realized through the tab "Product Management" enables to fill in automatically the fields MetaTypeArt, TypeArt et Typology.

3.3 Sending/uploading your Products

  • Products : It is sent to Fnac twice a day at noon and around 22:00. If there are no problems with your products, they will be created on Fnac's site and will appear online in less than 48 hours from the time your offers feed was sent. 

3.4 FNAC API logins (Mirakl ID)

You must enter your API user name and password in Lengow in order to be able to send your product catalogue to Fnac. To do this, you need to go to “Feed Management” and then the “API login” tab.

  • Mirakl_key : Enter the API key given to you by Fnac here. Here is an example of an API key: b36a2665-109a-4135-a0f0-460d70568ca4. If your API key has been changed, you also need to change it in your Lengow account.  
  • Mirakl_storeid : Enter your Mirakl reference here. To find it, connect to your Mirakl Fnac interface and click on “Boutique” then “Paramètres” (visible at the top of the page: identifiant: XXXX).

3.5 Deleting a Product

To delete a product file on FNAC, contact your Fnac account manager.

4. Products and Offers integration reports 

Product and special offers integration reports allow you to check that your products (products feed) and updates (special offers feed) have been correctly integrated into the Fnac site. 

These reports only contain the products in your catalogue that have been rejected by Fnac . For each of your products that has an error, Fnac specifies the reason for the rejection.  

Within your Fnac Mirakl back office. Here is how to reach those reports :

  • Offers feed report : “My inventory” tab > “Import From File” > “Monitor offer imports”
  • Products feed report : “My inventory” tab > “Import From File” > “Monitor product imports”

5. FNAC orders management

5.1 Orders recovery schedules

Fnac orders are retrieved every two hours in Lengow.

5.2 Types of orders retrieved

We collect all orders from FNAC whatever the status.

5.3 Possible actions on orders

FNAC API allows to change the status of an order via the Lengow interface. Here are the possible actions on orders in Lengow:

  • Accept order
  • Deny order
  • Indicate that the order has been shipped

6. Contact

vendeurspros.mp@fnac.com (this address is available for all countries).