1. Introduction – How to manage your Fyndiq stock feed on Lengow

This guide explains how to configure and manage your Fyndiq feed. Before starting to set the parameters for your feed, please note the following recommendations.

Here are the steps you need to follow to advertise your products and to retrieve your Fyndiq orders:

  • Contact Fyndiq (handlare@fyndiq.se) to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website.
  • Create your Fyndiq merchant account here (this is essential if your products are to be advertised).
  • Ask for Fyndiq feed creation in Lengow.
  • Separate out the products that you don’t want to advertise or that don’t belong in your chosen Fyndiq category.
  • Complete the "Field Matching" in order to match your source feed fields with the existing Fyndiq fields.
  • Change the values of your feed source by using Automatic Rules and/or Search-Replace to adapt them to Fyndiq’s expectations.
  • Organise your categories so that they correspond with the Fyndiq categories.
  • Set up the options for tracking your stock (indexing frequency, alerts etc.).
  • Fill in your API username and password to launch the distribution of your products.
  • Manage your orders.

All these actions are detailed below.

2. Open your Fyndiq data feed in Lengow

Ask for the creation of a new feed in Lengow

Search for the title "Fyndiq" and select it.

Or, look in the "Marketplaces" section, "Swedish" flag in and then select the Fyndiq feed you need.

Now let’s see how to set up one of them.

3. Set up your Fyndiq feed

Fyndiq asks merchants to use specific attributes in order to reference the products on their marketplace. You therefore need to adapt attribute values from your source feed in Lengow.

3.1 Creating a feed segmentation

Before starting to change your attributes, first you need to filter your products so that you don’t send to Fyndiq:

  • The products that you do not wish to sell in this marketplace.
  • The products in your feed that don’t match the type of products normally found in the Fyndiq category.
  • The "parent products" if your source feed contains any

3.2 Match the fields

Fyndiq requires a particular feed structure depending on the category chosen.
In order to proceed with the field matching, you need to go to the page "Feed Management" then "Field matching":

Check the field matching and complete any missing information. Read the field definitions carefully and there you will find:

  • The field name.
  • The field definition.
  • An example, if there is one.
  • Whether the field is required or optional. A "required" field has to be filled in so that the product can be created or updated.

3.3 Set up product variations

3.3.1 Create a segmentation

Fyndiq does not want to receive parent products. You therefore need to filter your "parent products" if your source feed contains any.

3.3.2 Fill in the values of your variations

To manage your variations, 4 fields need to be filled in in "Source feed" > "Field matching" :

  • "product-id": This field must contain your parent identifiers (a common identifier for all the variations of a product). This data is obligatory if the product has variations.
  • "product-title": The title must not contain the value of variation.
  • "product-price": Prices of all the variations of a product must be identical.
  • "article-sku": This field must contain your unique identifiers.
  • "article-name": This field must contain the value of variation. If your product has more than one type of variation, you must indicate them separated by a space (i.e. "Small Red"). Caution, this field does not contain more than 30 characters.

3.3.3 Products without variation

For your products without variations, fill in your fields like:

  • "product-id" : This field must contain your unique identifiers.
  • "article-sku" : This field must contain your unique identifiers.

3.4 Set up your special offers / sales

To configure special offers on Fyndiq, fill in the following fields :

  • "product-price" : howing the promotional price
  • "product-oldprice" : howing the old price (which is struck through)

3.5 Category mapping

In order to categorise your products on Fyndiq, use the Fyndiq taxonomy so that your categories match those of the Fyndiq marketplace. To carry out this mapping, go to the tab "Product Management":

  • Open the Fyndiq taxonomy 
  • Search for your category in the taxonomy (press "Ctrl+F" to search for your desired key word)
  • Click on the corresponding line
  • Click on "SAVE"

 Don’t forget to click on "SAVE" once you have carried out this operation.

3.6 The options tab

In the "Options" tab of your Fyndiq feed, check the various points and modify them if needed. For more details about this tab, consult our tutorial "Options tab".

3.7 Check the attributes in your optimised feed

To check the data sent to Fyndiq, consult the optimised feed. All the updates you make in Lengow are visible IMMEDIATELY (automatic rules, search/replace, matching etc.) in the optimised feed.

Comment: Check your optimised feed as often as possible to make sure that your parameters have been correctly applied to your new products.

4. Integration of your catalogue on the Fyndiq site

4.1 Enter the API IDs

You must enter your API IDs in Lengow in order to import orders in Lengow. To do this, you need to go to "Feed Management" > "API login" tab :

  • API user
  • API token

Remember to save by clicking on "APPLY".

Note: You can  generate a token by navigating to "Inställningar > API" in your Fyndiq account. The username is your username at Fyndiq

4.2 Communicate your optimized feed URL to Fyndiq

Communicate your optimized feed URL to Fyndiq to create your products.

4.3 Update of products and offers

Products and offers update every 15 minutes.

5. Stop advertising a product

5.1 Set a quantity 0

Lengow can only update the products that are present in your source feed.

In order to have a "out of stock" product , i.e. stop selling, a product that is online on the Fyndiq site, set the quantity to "0" in Lengow (for example, either by using an Automatic Rule or in the product file).

Lengow has put in place a security system that allows you to keep your products visible "virtually" when they have disappeared from your source feed. They are kept in the category "virtual products", in the "Product Management" tab. However, in order to avoid problems of over selling, make sure to keep the out of stock products in your source feed for 1 to 2 days with the quantity set to 0. This will ensure that the information about the product being unavailable is sent to Fyndiq.

5.2 Unpublish a product

To unpublish a product, fill in the value "1" in the "product-paused" field. By filling in the value "0" in this same field, the product will be publish again.

5.3 Delete a product

To delete an offer, the product must be delete in the optimized feed. So you have to:

  1. delete the product in your source feed.
  2. Ask our Support Team ot delete the associate virtual product

Note: Once a product is deleted, its customer ratings will also be deleted. The ratings can't be restored later, even if the product is re-uploaded with the same SKU.

6. Order management

6.1 Order retrieval times 

Lengow retrieves orders made on Fyndiq website every hour.  

6.2 Order processing

1 / When a new order is placed on Fyndiq, it appears in Lengow in the "Orders waiting for shipment" tab, you must prepare the order and send it to the customer. When you are ready to send the order, fill in the carrier’s details and the tracking number of the package and confirm the shipping. The order will then show in the "Orders Sent" tab.

Note: If you are using one of our modules or our web-service to import orders into your e-commerce back office, you can import the order into your back office from the "SHIPPING" status ("Orders waiting for shipment" tab). When you have deal with the order and confirmed the expedition in your back office, the order will appear automatically in the "Orders Sent" tab in Lengow.

2 / Once your order is in the "Orders Sent" tab, we inform Fyndiq that the order has been sent to the customer. Fyndiq then informs the customer that the order has been sent.

6.3 Cancellation of an order

To cancel an order after the first acceptance stage, you must contact your Fyndiq account manager.

7. Contact Fyndiq

  • For technical integration questions: integrations@fyndiq.se
  • For general business related questions: handlare@fyndiq.se