Google Shopping Promotion

Google now allows online retailers to optimize their product ads with special offers.

With the "Merchant Promotions" program, you can highlight the benefits of a purchase on your site, at the very moment that users are looking for where to buy a product.

Example on

Example on Google Shopping:

1. The types of promotions accepted

The promotions that you offer must be applied at checkout.

These special offers are:

Generally in the form of discounts, gifts and other offers that a user benefits from
•    when entering a promotion code;
•    automatically at checkout (Free shipping is the only type of promotion that requires a code, because this field is already specified in the product feed. The promotions feed must specify the nature of the special offer).

Special offers cannot be:
•    final discounts already deducted from the sales price
•    restrictive promotions (e.g. limited to the first purchase)
•    free shipping with no code required

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2. Prerequisites and implementation of promotional campaigns with Lengow

2.1. Having a Google Merchant Center account and a Google Shopping feed

You must have a Google Merchant Center account and a Google Shopping feed (called "Google Products") in order to create marketing campaigns.

2.2. Check your eligibility

In order to offer promotional campaigns, you must make a request to Google.

Complete the online form made available here:

2.3. Request the creation of the Google Shopping Promotion feed in your Lengow account

If you are eligible, request the creation of a Google Shopping Promotion feed in Lengow.

Search for "Google Shopping Promotion".

Or search for it in the "Price Comparison", "European" flag, then choose the "Google Shopping Promotion" feed.

2.4. Set the Google Shopping Promotion feed options

Then set Google Shopping Promotion options in Lengow.

When creating your feed through the Lengow system, fields are matched. The fields corresponding to the "required" fields are created and are matched by our support service. You are free to create and match the fields required for sending voluntary and optional values. For more information on the mandatory, voluntary or optional fields, see the documentation made available by Google under:

•    Complete the fields using automatic rules

You must enter information for the "required" fields at least. You should enter in as many of the voluntary and optional fields as possible in order to offer ads that are as complete as possible. We recommend taking the time to read the definition of each field, in order to take advantage of all the potential that the feature offers.

You can create as many campaigns as you like.

Here is an example of an automatic rule for a promotion:


In this example, we have targeted products in the category "Women's Clothing > Sweaters" from our source feed (1).
We then specified to Google:
- that this campaign will be named "Promotion Sweaters" (2)
- that the campaign applies to a selection of products from our catalog (3)
- that this campaign does not require a promotional code to take advantage of the offer (4)
- the title of the promotion (4). "20% off sweaters!" will be shown in the ad text (5)
- the period during which the promotion will be active and ready to be confirmed by Google (6)

•    Set the options of your feed in Lengow

•    You don't have to map the categories in the Management section of the Offers.

2.5. Set up the options of the Google Products feed

The "promotion_id" that you choose to apply for a promotion must also be sent to Google through your Google Products feed.
To do this, go to your Google Products feed on Lengow.

•    Create the field "GoogleShopping_PromotionId"

•    Match this field with Google's "promotion_id" field.

•    Create an automatic rule corresponding to the one created in the Google Shopping Promotion feed.

This rule must have the same condition as the rule created in the Google Shopping Promotion feed. It must target the same product(s).

This rule must fill in the "GoogleShopping_PromotionId" field with the same value as the one sent in the "GPromotion_PromotionId" field.

We'll continue our example. Here is what this rule created in the "Google Products" feed looks like:

With this rule we tell Google that the products in the category "Women's Clothing > Sweater" of our source feed (1) are part of the promotional campaign "Promotion Sweaters" (2).

This information must be sent in the Google Products feed for the promotion to be active.

2.6. Add the Google Shopping Promotion feed in the Google Merchant Center

In order that Google take into consideration your Google Shopping Promotion feed, you must add this feed in your Google Merchant Center.

Use the URL of your feed optimized for Google Shopping Promotion.

Add export.txt to the end of this URL so that the feed will be accepted by Google.


In our example, the URL of the optimized feed is

It becomes

3. Useful links