How does the tracking work in Lengow ?

Lengow has different types of trackers that can monitor statistics on different channels.

Depending on the channel you use to send your products, either some or all of the trackers need to be installed and/or activated.

It is also important to adjust the tracker settings so that the statistics suit your needs.

Here is an overview of tracking with Lengow.

1. Tracking Installation

This section focuses on how to trace sales statistics and clicks with Lengow.

1.1 Tracking applied to Lengow

1.1.1 Tracking of encapsulated urls (in the optimised feed)

The usual format is"" and includes the target url. It enables Lengow to record the click statistics on open channels in Lengow (price comparison sites, excluding Google Shopping, Bing Ads, feed affiliation and retargeting).

It is completely independent (no need for a tracker on the site).

To activate, go to the "Tracking" tab of the channel and select the Lengow "Activate Tracking" option.

Note : It is possible to add third-party tracking that will be encapsulated in the url "". Follow the steps in our tutorial for further details.

1.1.2 Tracking for urls without encapsulation (in the optimised feed)

Lengow adds a tracking setting, LGWCODE, to the target url. It enables Lengow to record the click count statistics in feeds where it is activated. Compulsory some channels (Google Shopping, Bing Ads or some affiliations channels, for example).

For LGWCODE to be visible in the optimised feed, deselect the Lengow "Activate tracking" option in the "Tracking" tab of the channel. If the LGWCODE still does not appear in the optimised feed, contact our customer support.

Note :

  • This works with the Lengow - tos.js tracker (see below).
  • This tracker will not work if there is a url rewrite or a code blocker on your server.

1.2 Tracking for retail websites

1.2.1 The Lengow - tos.js tracker

For one or more feed(s) where non-encapsulated url tracking has been activated, Lengow is able to record click counts on the ads that are generated.

This tracker may be directly written into the code.

Note : Lengow is able to record statistics only if the LGWCODE tracking is visible in the optimised feed.

1.2.2 Lengow sales tracker

It enables Lengow to record sales resulting from clicks on ads generated by open feeds in Lengow (price comparison sites, including Google Shopping, feed affiliation and retargeting).

This tracker can be directly written into the code.

1.3 Third-party tracking solutions

If you are using a third-party tracker such as TagCommander or TagManager, you can embed the Lengow tracker and the Lengow - tos.js tracker.

1.4 Testing the trackings

Once the trackings are in place, Lengow recommends doing a few test runs (clicks and orders) to ensure that the statistics are correctly recorded in the Lengow base as well as the different back office bases.

2. Setting up the tracking

This section focuses on how to personalise the statistics that are recorded in Lengow by the tracking devices. To do this, select:

It is important to note the CPC or the CPA rates of the channels in Lengow. This enables you to evaluate the exact cost of your campaigns on different channels.