How to adapt your comparison feed?

You will find below the different stages to follow in order to set the parameters of your feeds and to optimise your products day in, day out, thanks to Lengow. For more details on these stages, consult the tutorials available in our Help Center.

1. Request the Creation of a Lengow Feed

Lengow’s Advice: make sure you have opened your account with the channel before requesting the creation of a feed in Lengow.

Tutorial: Feed Request​ in Lengow.

2. Filter Your Catalogue: Feed Segmentation

Lengow’s Advice: use this functionality to exclude products from distribution on price comparison platforms.

TutorialFeed Segmentation.

3. Configure Your Feed in Response to the Channel’s Expectations

  • Make your catalogue’s fields match the channel’s

Tutorial: "Field Matching".

  • Adapt the content of your catalogue to the channel’s expectations

Use "Search/Replace" and/or "Automatic Rules"

Lengow’s Advice: the more complete your optimised feed and the more it matches the distributor’s expectations, the better the quality of your advertisements on partner sites.

  • Set the Parameters of Variations

Important to know: Most of comparison shopping engine doesn't manage variations. Except some of them such as Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Ads and Idealo. In this case, some values have to be sent to them through the optimised feed.

Tutorial: "Adding specific fields – For [...] Google Shopping"

  • Set the parameters of your promotions/sales

Important to know: only some channels require specific values for sales.

TutorialPreparing sales on price comparison platforms.

  • Optimise product references with the distributor

Important to know: this action is to be carried out in “Product Management” only if the channel’s taxonomy is available in Product Management.

Tutorial: "Category and product management".

  • Set the parameters of Options

Tutorial: "Options” tab

  • Provide your CPC

Lengow’s Advice: this stage is not mandatory in order to distribute your products, but it is very useful for your product catalogue’s profitability optimisation.

TutorialDefine the CPC/CPA

  • Check your values in your optimised feed

Lengow’s Advice: regularly check the content of your optimised feed during the parameter setting phase. Stage by stage, you will need to check for the proper application of your parameters. Compare the definition of fields expected by the distributor and the content of these fields in the optimised feed. Ensure that the values made available to the distributor are optimal.

TutorialConsult the optimised feed

4. Sending the Catalogue to the Channel

Lengow’s Advice: ensure that the preceding stages have been followed before passing on the optimised feed’s URL on to the distributor.

5. Daily Optimisation – Best Practices

  • Check the distribution of the products on the channel’s site

  • Check for proper feed indexing under the “Indexing History” tab

Tutorial: Updating feed and Indexing history

6. Profitability Optimisation

  • Choose the ROI calculation method

Tutorial: Calculate the ROI with Lengow

  • Set profitability alerts

TutorialClient account management

  • Analysing statistics

Tutorial: Statistics Dashboard

  • Optimise profitability

Use "Automatic Rules" or activate/deactivate one or more products under “Product Management”.

7. Remove a Product

Important to know: to remove a product from a price comparison platform, 4 solutions are on offer to you. Choose one of the following:

  • Remove the product from the product catalogue
  • Change the quantity of the product to 0
  • Desactivate the product by automatic rule or manually under Product Management
  • Segment the product

8. Stop the Publication of a Catalogue by a Channel

Lengow’s Advice: in the case of massive deindexation of a product catalogue, channels will keep the last known version of this catalogue and pursue its distribution. Consider alerting the channel so that the channel can terminate distribution of announcements before you deactivate your feed in Lengow.


Le Guide

Le Guide index the optimised feed every 3 hours (that is to say 6 to 7 times per day).