How to read valid values files

How to read the files with valid values ?

In these files, for each column, you will find:

In the first header row:

  • the name of the attribute (the same as the name of the channel field in the "Field Matching"),
  • which in turn is followed by the status of the attribute, reflecting whether it is optional or mandatory.

Under each heading:

  • The list of values accepted by the marketplace for the attribute. You must choose one of the values in this list.
  • an explanation in brackets. You must not fill in the field with this explanation.

Note: If no values are shown beneath the heading, this means that Rue du Commerce does not specify any defined values for this attribute. You can therefore enter free text for this value.

An example of a file:

Note: each product grouping contains products from multiple different categories. It may be the case that some attributes that are mandatory for the grouping are not applicable to all products in your catalogue that make up that grouping. Provide the most relevant information with regard to your own applicable product category.

If a mandatory attribute does not apply to your product category, do not complete it.

For example : in a "Garden center" product grouping, the marketplace defines attributes relating to plants and to DIY as mandatory. You must fill out the mandatory attributes relating to plants for the plants in your product catalogue and provide the mandatory attributes relating to DIY for DIY-related items in your product catalogue.