Populating adwords redirect with IgnitionOne

The IgnitionOne feed allows you to retrieve the adwords_redirect that you must incorporate into your Google Products feeds. Two conditions must be met to be able to make good use of them:

  1. You have established a partnership with IgnitionOne
  2. You have an active Google Product feed in Lengow where the adwords_redirect will be sent for transmission to your Google Merchant Center.

>Here are the steps to follow to link your IgnitionOne feed to your Google Product feed and send the adwords_redirect to your Google Merchant Center account.

1. Request the creation of an IgnitionOne feed

On the request to add feeds page, you will find the IgnitionOne feed in the "Sponsored Links" section. Select the "Europe" flag and then the "IgnitionOne" feed.

Take care to send to our support team the URL of your source feed that contains the elements that allow IgnitionOne to generate tracked URLs .

2. Set the IgnitionOne feed

  • Segment your feed if necessary.
  • Check the field matching. Field matching is carried out during the creation of your feed by the Lengow support team. There is nothing for you to do at this stage. However, check that the ID fields and the fields to be used in the adwords_redirect are well matched (otherwise they will not be able to be used by IgnitionOne).
  • Perform the necessary editorial optimisations
  • Set the options
  • You do not have to map categories in the "Product Management" section.
  • Fill in the API logins:

- Consumer key: provided by IgnitionOne

- Consumer id: provided by IgnitionOne

- Idflux Lengow: this is the login of the Google Products feed where you want to move up the adwords_redirect.

Champ référence: Once the Idflux has been filled in, a drop-down menu appears giving you access to the list of source feed fields of this Google Products feed. Select the field where you want to send the adwords_redirect. If you do not have a dedicated field, you can create a virtual field (in this case go to step 1 of the following point / otherwise go directly to step 2).

It is essential to fill in these API logins to create the connection between this IgnitionOne feed and your Google Products feed.

3. Set the Google Products feed

Step 1 - Create a virtual field

Create a virtual field, that we will name "adwords_redirect"  in our example, in the "Feed Management" section tab > "Source feed". (This virtual field must not duplicate a field with the same name in your source feed.)

Step 2 - Match the field where the adwords_redirect will be sent

Match this virtual "adwords_redirect"  field in the "field matching" with the field of the same name, or match the field of your feed into where you want to send the adwords_redirect. The important thing here is to match the same field as the one that was selected in the "API login" tab of the previous point.

If you have not yet completed the "Champ référence" field in the "API login" tab of your IgnitionOne feed, do so now.

Then check in the Google Product optimised feed that the redirect URLs do in fact move up in the "adwords_redirect" field. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact Lengow support.