Immochan / Summer Sales 2019

We are still waiting for information on how to set up the 2019 Summer sales for this marketplace. Come back soon!

Here is some advice so you can prepare your discounts well on Immochan.

Sales on Immochan will begin on the 09th of January 2019 and will end on the 19th of February 2019.​

Immochan should receive the sales offers between 22:00 the 09th of January and 05:00 am the 19th of February . They will be thereafter gradually integrated when received.

Your catalogue will automatically be sent to Immochan the night before the sales start. Make sure your sales offers will be in Lengow at 22:00 the 09th of January at the latest.

Configuring discounts in Lengow

For your sales products, you will have to fill the two following fields only: 

  • sellingGrossPrice: discounted price
  • listPrice: price before discount

There is no "Soldes" stickers on Immochan. The offers will be displayed as promotions if the listprice is completed.

We wish you a lot of success on Immochan!