Configure your traffic acquisition costs in Lengow

Note: CPC/CPA filled in Lengow will impact your Lengow's statistics (ROI, cost...) only. They are not provided to distributors. 
Lengow does not retrieve automatically CPC / CPA from distributors (except eBay Commerce Network ). You need /will have to fill them manually in Lengow.

1. How do you configure your CPCs (costs per click) in Lengow?

1.1 In "Feed Management"

Go to the “Options” tab:

At the bottom of the page:

Define here an average CPC which will be used for all of your new products.

1.2 In "Product Management"

- By Category

Define here the CPC by category. This CPC is an average of the CPCs for the products in the category.

The ”+” button can be used to define this CPC for all of your categories.

N.B.: a new product in the category will alter the average applied to the category if your default CPC (in “Feed Management”) is different.

- By product

Go to the "Product Management" tab > View products in this category.

Open the page of the product you want to define a specific CPC and fill in CPC field, at the bottom of the page.

Save by clicking on "Save modifications".

2. How do you configure CPA (cost per action) in Lengow?

The CPA can be configured in the “Options” tab of “Feed Management”:

The CPA corresponds to the channel's commission, expressed as a percentage of the sale.

3. Viewing in the "statistics" tab

You can find the averages of your CPCs in the statistics tab:

- By feed

- By products

4. The Exception: eBay Commerce Network

For the price comparison site eBay Commerce Network, (formerly, you need to contact our customer support to fill in CPC / CPA in Lengow.