Management of virtual products in Lengow

Marketplaces generally request that a quantity of zero be submitted in order for them to stop publishing a product on their platform.

Lengow has therefore created a virtual product management system which enables this 0 quantity to be sent when the product is deleted from your source feed.

We nonetheless strongly recommend that you manage this yourself in your own feed. For example, when one of your products is no longer available, you should continue to send it to us with a quantity of 0 (for a period of at least fifteen days)

1. What is a virtual product?

This is a product reference number created virtually by Lengow to tell marketplaces that a product has a quantity of 0 so that it can be disabled.

2. What would happen on the marketplace without the virtual product?

When a seller deletes a product on their website, the source feed no longer contains the product in question. The optimised feed therefore no longer sends the product in question, and some marketplaces no longer update the product information. The quantity and the price stay the same until the stock runs out on the marketplace.

3. What happens with virtual products?

After product has been deleted from the online store and from the source feed, Lengow creates a virtual product with the same reference number as the deleted product.

The optimised feed therefore contains the virtual product reference number with a quantity of 0. The marketplace can therefore disable the product on its website.

You can find the disabled virtual product in “Product Management”.

4. What should you do when the product is newly available in the source feed?

It depends on the option you ticked on the « option » tab of your marketplace feed.

If you ticked:

  • "The product is automatically activated": No action is required. The stock of the product will be automatically updated and sent to marketplaces.
  • "The product is automatically disabled": You have to activate the product in the “Feed Management” tab if you want to update and send the product to marketplaces. 

5. Is it possible to delete virtual products?

We can delete virtual products only on request submitted by support ticket . However, we advise you to wait for a few days before doing so, in order for the marketplace to incorporate the change in inventory.

6. Do they also exist on price comparison websites?

No, price comparison websites delete any products directly from their websites if they are no longer included in the feed. There is therefore no need to enter a quantity of 0.

7. Can they be viewed in the solution?

Yes, you can see them in “Gestion des Offres”; they are present but disabled. You can also see them directly in the URL of the optimised feed.

Virtual products are not included in the indexed products meter: you will therefore see a difference between the number of rows in the optimised feed and the indexed products meter.

8. Is it possible to avoid using virtual products?

Virtual products are only created if your source feed actually contains the product with a quantity of 0 when it is no longer available. That way, the information will always be up-to-date, and you will avoid having to re-enable products manually when they are in stock again.

* Except for the Rue du Commerce and Priceminister marketplaces, which delete products directly.