"Options" tab

This tutorial describes each part of the options page of your management feed.

1. Lengow Cookie and expiry time

The Lengow cookie is placed on the “buyer’s” computer from the moment they click on one of your products, using Lengow’s traced broadcaster (via a link from the comparative guide, LeGuide for example).

This cookie fixes the period of time over which you attribute a sale to a broadcaster. For example, a click has been traced by Lengow and a sale ensues on your site, within the time delay covered by the cookie. This sale will be associated to the click, and therefore, to the associated broadcaster.

Another example, you define a duration of thirty days and a buyer clicks on the link that is traced by Lengow. If that buyer makes a purchase on your site twenty days later, it will automatically be attributed to the comparator clicked twenty days earlier. Passed the thirty-day delay, Lengow will not take the sale into account in its statistics, as it will be considered to be a direct sale.

You can also choose not to define a period of activation for the cookie, deleting it as soon as Lengow has associated a sale to the click. You should then tick the "Direct sales" option.

2. Indexing frequency

Please find our tutorial dedicated to the indexing frequency and product catalogue update.

3. Automatic calibration

You can use our automatic calibrating tool. The latter will look at the time of the last indexing of your optimized feed and will automatically indicate an indexing of your feed source 30 minutes before the time of the next indexer cycle.

You can define the IPs to be excluded, such as your own IP. This way, when you make calls to open the optimized feed, our system will not take the call into account for the automatic calibration.

4. Alert in case of de-indexing of products

At each indexation of your source feed, Lengow detects the number of products present in your source feed. With this option, you can set up alerts in case of an unusual dip in the number of products between two Lengow indexations:

  • Alert me by e-mail: Lengow will send you an e-mail notification when the threshold limit is reached.
  • Do not index the feed: Lengow does not index your source feed where there are no products. The former flux source is therefore kept: the modifications which you will have made to your source feed between these two indexations will not be taken into account.

You will have to set a percentage of missing products between two Lengow indexations, here is how to set this threshold:

If your source feed contains 1000 indexed products:

  • by setting a threshold of 20%, the threshold is reached when more than 200 products are missing for the following indexation. 
  • by setting a threshold of 70%, the threshold is reached when more than 700 products are missing for the following indexation.
  • ...

Therefore, you must set this threshold based on the usual fluctuations of the number of products of your source feed.).

5. Activation of new products

By default, Lengow activates new products detected at the heart of your feed source. You can choose not to activate them or to receive an email when new products are detected. In this case, you will need to enter your email address.

6. Management of virtual products

When you reintroduce in your source feed, a product that had happened in virtual product in Lengow, the product is automatically activated. If you want that products reintroduced in your source feed is automatically disabled, tick the case “The product is automatically disabled”.

7. Indication of performance margin

  • CPC ⇒ Allows you to define the CPC to apply by default to your new products for this feed.
  • Margin ⇒ Allows you to define the percentage margin you will make on the product. This percentage will be applied to the turnover generated by this product to calculate your ROI if you define an ROI calculated on the margin.
  • eCPC ⇒ Allows you to define the percentage commission allocated to the broadcaster.

Follow this tutorial to understand how to configure your traffic acquisition costs in Lengow.

8.  Direct sales

This option allows you to delete the Lengow cookie, as soon as a sale is associated to a click. If other sales take place, they will not be accounted for by Lengow.

9. Management of compulsory fields

You now have the option within Lengow, of choosing the type of indexing you want for your products missing all the compulsory values (price, categories, title, description).

Here are the different options put in place: 

  • No indexing of these products and deletion from your feed: to be used if you do not want any product of this type in Lengow.
  • No indexing of these products, but inclusion in the feed: to be used if the corresponding products, currently in Lengow, should stay in place. These will not be updated.
  • Indexing of products with the empty fields: to be used, for example, for parent products for which you do not have a price field.