Marketplace orders dashboard

1. Access to the orders’ dashboard

The orders’ dashboard is accessible using the Orders button  on the interface or via the following URL:

You can also have access from the listing page of your marketplace feed.

2. Use of the dashboard

Select an order display date or period (top right of the solution). Once on the global dashboard, you will be able to see all your orders.

2.1 Filter the orders by status

Navigate between the different statuses: new orders, orders pending delivery, shipped orders and orders cancelled on the global dashboard or via the status buttons.

2.2 Filter the orders by marketplace

To access the orders of a specific marketplace, you can click on the marketplace logo:

Click on the logo only if you wish to see the Amazon orders 

2.3 Taking action on orders

You can accept, refuse or ship one or more orders at a time. In the case where an order is in an intermediate state, (Cdiscount manages the twelve states of the different orders), we display the status and indicate that no action is possible at this stage. You will than have to wait for the marketplace to change status.

Please note: taking action on several orders at a time, is only available via the marketplace display.

2.4 Adding carrier and parcel tracking

2.4.1 By order

When confirming the shipping of an order, you will be able to enter the parcel tracking number associated with the order. To access parcel tracking, click on order ID. It will also allow you to consult the order details. The parcel tracking will automatically be transmitted to the marketplace marketplace. For certain marketplaces, you will also be able to indicate the chosen carrier. Parcel and carrier tracking will then become visible on the orders’ dashboard ( and ).

2.4.2 In bulk

Go to the channel you want to fill in your parcel tracking in bulk.

  • Click on the "Order Management" tab

  • Then click on the "Export La Poste Expeditor" tab

  • At the bottom of the page, use the "Envoi des numéros de colis" option

  • Download your file in the format specified.

Note: This option is only available using the "Order Management" tab from a channel (the tab next to the "Feed Segmentation" tab). It is not available from the "Order Management" tab next to the "RTB/ADX/Retargeting" tab.

3. Orders automation

This option is useful if you manage your orders from your back-office (either you are using one of our plugin or our API).

Select marketplaces of which you want to import orders through Lengow in your back-office, by check in its name.

In this way, orders will be automatically accepted and will be imported in your back-office.

Be careful! This action automatically accept orders. Some marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay, are very cautious regarding accepted orders that would not be honored. 

In Lengow, for this marketplace, make sure you created a buffer stock with an automatic rule for products with few units in stock.