1. How to configure your PixPlace feed

Before submitting your products catalogue to PixPlace, you need to configure it:

  • Check and adapt the field matching
  • Map your categories and brands
  • Add your API login

1.1 Adapt your field matching

You first need to check the field matching. The most important thing to check if the PixPlace field « Id produit » that has to be matched with your product ID . This product ID is the product reference that you currently use to identify your products. Be aware: If you already have products on Pixplace, the product IDs in Lengow must be the same as those already on Pixplace.

The fields starting with « PixPlace_ » should never be edited ..

What you need to know on the field matching:

  • EAN ⇒ Mandatory field (except for Fashion products - you must have Pixplace's agreement): by default, we filter your feed to only send products that have a EAN with 13 digits .
  • Disponibilité (Availability)⇒ It is the necessary time to prepare the order and ship it (it cannot exceed 30). By default, we indicate 2 (for 2 days).
  • Description livraison (Delivery description) ⇒ This field is mandatory and cannot exceed 255 characters.

1.2 Titles and descriptions

Once your products have been integrated on Pixplace, titles and descriptions are not updated automatically. You need to make sure that these information match Pïxplace expectations/requirements before the 1st import (for instance: no brand in the product title) and to what you would like to have on Pixplace. If you want to update these information afterwards, you will have to ask the Lengow support team. They will take care of it.

1.3 Price VAT exclusive

PixPlace requires that all amounts (prices) are VAT exclusive. The following fields need to be sent with VAT exclu.: price, discount price, ecotax, shipping price. You can create automatic rules to manage your VAT excl. prices. You will have to use the function {multiplication}. For the IF condition, you can indicate for instance IF my Price field is not empty.

For example, you can go through the following automatic rule in order to transfer your sales price from after-tax to pre-tax.

1.4 Setting up your sales

Once you have configured your PixPlace feed for discounts/special offers, make sure the fields required by PixPlace are filled out as follows in your optimised feed:

For your product discounted/on special offer, fill in those fields:

  • “Prix de vente HT”: the old VAT-excluded sales price of the product
  • “Prix de vente discounte HT”: the VAT-excluded sales price of the product

1.5 Categories mapping

You need to use our Pixplace category tree to map your categories. The main purpose is to indicate in which category your products have to be visible.
Go in Product Management then click on the small category tree icon to display Pixplace categories in a pop-up window . You can search for a term within the window using the CTRL button on your keyboard and the “F” key.

Select the right category by clicking on its name and save it with the pencil icon . Be aware: You can only map one category to your product. 

Once you have indicated a Pixplace category, the category becomes active in Lengow.

1.6 PixPlace brand matching

1.6.1 Automatic and manual matching

PixPlace brand matching is done automatically, we use the values from your Brand field. If they match Pixplace brands, the value is automatically added in the brand matching. If we cannot find a match, you need to map the brand of each product manually. To access the brand matching, click on the button that allows you to see the products from the category.

For information, it is necessary to match at least one product by brand with the brand listing. Once each brand has been matched at least once, you need to contact our Lengow support to call a routine which will feed back all of the matched brands on all the other products.

We also offer solutions to help you in brand matching.

  • You can ask the Lengow customer support team to use the ID of the brand PixPlace 701 (brand NONAME) for all products that the brand matching didn’t work for.
  •  Otherwise you can submit a CSV file to us containing 2 columns separated by a semi-colon (;). 

1st column: must contain the exact title of your brand field

2nd column: must contain the ID of the brand Pixplace to put in

1.6.2 Missing PixPlace brand

If you are missing a brand, you need to ask Pixplace to add it in its brand list. This new brand will then be available in Lengow within 24 hours. If after 24 hours, the brand is still missing, ask Pixplace for its Brand Name and its Brand ID (if you do not have it). You can then to Lengow support these information so we add it in Lengow.

2. Your Pixplace catalogue integration

We usually follow up the 1st product integration along with Pixplace to insure that your products are well integrated. That is why we deactivate your feed after it has been created. We also need you to inform us when your feed is well configured so we can test it before uploading it.

2.1 Creation of your products

Products are created immediately with Pixplace. You must send the optimised feed that you recovered in Lengow. All optimisations have to be in place so that production is as quick as possible.

Note: When you consult the optimised feed, you will notice that the header is empty. This is normal. Refer to the field of “Fields Matching" to find out what each column corresponds to.

2.2 Fill in your API logins

In the tab « API logins » in Feed Management, you must indicate your PixPlace Serial . This Serial should have been sent to you by Pixplace.

2.3 You are already selling products on PixPlace

Let us know if this is the case, we must contact Pixplace and ask them to purge your account in order to be able to upload products again.

2.4 Publication of variations on PixPlace

Lengow does not allow you to publish your variations on PixPlace. We do not produce the necessary “Tech Info” file requested by Pixplace for the installation of variations. Our integration tests of this file via API have never had a result.

If you still wish to publish your products in a variation mode and manage the “Tech Info” file upload by yourself from your PixPlace back-office, please let us know by sending an email to our Lengow customer support team. This will need a particular feed setting. 

3. How does the PixPlace API work

We send 3 files to PixPlace through API:

  • EAN matching: this file contains all products with an EAN code. This file allows the creation of new product reference on Pixplace. Once products are created on Pixplace, the marketplace sends us back Fupids (Pixplace's product identifiers). This file is sent once a day at 2am.
  • Import PriceStock: this file contains your product's price, sales information, shipping prices, stock quantity.. This file is sent every hours.

Feed URL generate by Lengow > http://flux.lengow.com/marketplace/pixplace/feed_ID/pixplace/IMPORT_PRICESTOCK/

If products are not well imported or not updated, you must check the status of the last import in your Pixplace interface (visible in “Catalogue management” then “last imported file”).

You can also check the integration reports in Lengow, in Feed management/Indexing history, and click on the report button.

A txt file will open, and will let you know if the feed has failed or not. The best is still to check in your Pixplace back office, as sometimes reports in Lengow are not available or cropped.

Be aware : If one product fails to be imported/updated, the whole import fails. If your feed is activated in Lengow, but you do not see products in your Pixplace BO, please check:

  • if your Pixplace Serial is the right one
  • that PixPlace has granted you writing access for their API (very common error), you can simply ask your pixplace account manager if you have the rights or not.
  • that PixPlace allowed you to list products on the chosen categories

4. Catalogue management

4.1 Products updates

Your PixPlace catalogue update is depending on your data feed indexation frequency. After each indexation, we send your catalogue to Pixplace.

4.2 Remove a product from the marketplace

To remove or deactivate a product from Pixplace, you must remove it from your data feed or set its quantity to 0 in Lengow (or in your data feed). in Lengow, go in Product Management, open its product information sheet and indicate 0 in the quantity field.

5. PixPlace order management

5.1 Order import frequency

Lengow retrieves orders made on the Pixplace site every four hours.

5.2 Order statuses

We can only import orders that have the status OrderstoDeliver (or Validated) and CheckOrder (or Checked). Orders are imported through API, when they are imported their statuses automatically changed to Checked (visible in your Pixplace BO).

5.3 Actions on orders

You cannot manage your Pixplace orders from Lengow. You need to handle them directly in your Pixplace BO.

6. Useful links

Pixplace provides you a full documentation on how its API works and on the available services from its back office:PixPlace back office.