is an online retailer of DVDs, CDs, books, gadgets, video games, DRM-free MP3 downloads, and other electronic products, as well as clothes and accessories. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rakuten Group.

This guide will help you configure your feed for

Before requesting a feed, you must contact and ask them to check if your product references already exist on Lengow does not allow the creation of new product references on

1. Integration of your products on

1.1 Field matching definition

1.1.1 and Seller Product References

In the optimized feed we send 2 product references, the product-id that matches the product reference on It can be a PlayID, a EAN or UPC code.

The second field, the product-id-type field, must contain a numerical code which indicates what the ‘product-id’ is, where:
1 = PlayID
2 = ISBN

Finally the field Sku must contain your internal product reference. This Sku or Product ID will be used to import your orders, make sure it is the correct one and inform Lengow if the ID used is not the right one.

1.1.2 Dispatch options allows you to sell your products in UK only, Europe (excl. UK) or UK and Europe using the field Dispatch-to.
The field “dispatch-to” must contain a numerical code which indicates the geographical regions to which the Seller is willing to dispatch the item to, where:
1 = UK Only
2 = Europe Only (not inc. UK)
3 = UK, & Europe

1.1.3 Prices formats allows you to sell products in pounds and/or euros.
Depending on the dispatch zone selected (Europe, UK or both), you will have to fill one or both fields.

The price has to be in the currency of the targeted zone (Pounds or Euros) and include the shipping costs.
If you do not have this information in your feed, you will be able to create an automatic rule to fill in this or these field(s).

You can add new fields deliveredPriceGBP and deliveredPriceEuros easily in Lengow in Feed management/Overview, using the “add a new column” field.

Once created, you can map these fields with the matching fields in Feed management / Field matching:

Examples of automatic rules - please adapt this example to your own fields names:
- To add the shipping costs to the price and convert the total price in Euros:
To fill in the fields, go in Feed management / automatic rules:
IF price != (leave the field blank)
THEN deliveredPriceGBP [{conversion-GBP2EUR}-{price}][{addition}][{conversion-GBP2EUR}-{delivery_cost}]

- To add the shipping costs to the price and convert the total price in Pounds:
IF price != (leave the field blank)
THEN deliveredPriceEuro [{conversion-EUR2GBP}-{price}][{addition}][{conversion-EUR2GBP}-{delivery_cost}]

Always check in your optimized feed if the rules work.

1.1.4 Other fields

Item condition: A numerical code which indicates the condition of the actual item being listed.
Enter 11 if the product is new, other values are listed in the field matching page.

Comment: the field comment is used to give more information about:! the item. It is a free text comment about the item that will be displayed with the listing on The field is mandatory if the ‘item-condition’ selected is 3 – 9. Maximum of 1000 characters in length. Can not contain the characters ‘<’ or ‘>’.

dispatch-from: A numerical code which indicates the country from which the Seller is dispatching the item from.

1.2 Product feed integration

1.2.1 Sending process

Your feed is sent through API to
You must fill in your Play logins (login and password) in Feed management / API logins.

1.2.2 Update frequency

Your feed is sent every hour to You can follow the indexing history in Feed management / indexing history and also check the indexation reports returned by after each integration.

1.2.3 Read's integration reports

You can access integration reports in Lengow, in Feed management / indexing history:

3. Order management

3.1 Order import frequency

We import orders in Lengow every 2 hours: 00.00, 02.00, 04.00 and so on.

3.2 Available actions on orders

3.3 Details on the orders statuses

3.4 Carrier and parcel trackings