Privalia / Sales

We are still waiting for recommendations on how to set up the upcoming Sales period for this channel. Please contact your marketplace account manager for information. The dates given in the settings examples are for information only and must be adapted.

Privalia is an outlet marketplace. Only products with a discount of 30% or more will be referenced on Privalia website.

Discounts and promotions are configured in the same way. 

For your discounted/promotional products, the following values should appear in your optimised feed:

  • C21-RRP_WO_VAT (or BASE_PRICE depending the Privalia version you are using in your account) : Intial price of your product. This price contains the VAT. It has no discount. Warning! This field is part of the "product" feed, it can no longer be modified once the product is created. You must approach your Privalia account executive if you wish to modify this data at a later stage.
  • price : Price of your product. This price contains the VAT and the discount. It must be at least 30% less than the one indicated in the "C21-RRP_WO_VAT" field. During the promotion or the sales period, this is your striked price.
  • discount-price: Price of your product during the sale period (or the promotion period). 
  • discount-start-date: The date when the sale or the promotion will start.
  • discount-end-date: The date when the sale or the promotion will end.