1. Introduction – How to manage your ricardo.ch stock feed on Lengow

​This guide explains how to configure and manage your ricardo.ch feed. Before starting to set the parameters for your feed, please note the following recommendations.

Here are the steps you need to follow to display your products and to manage your ricardo.ch orders:

  • Open an account on ricardo.ch. If you are not based in Switzerland, please contact ricardo.ch for activate your account. For more information, click here.
  • Ask Lengow customer support to create the feed
  • Separate out the products that you don’t want to advertise or  that do not correspond to the chosen ricardo.ch category
  • Complete the "Field Matching" in order to match your source feed fields with the existing ricardo.ch fields
  • Change the values of your feed source by using automatic rules and/or search-replace to adapt them to the publisher’s expectations
  • Organise your categories so that they correspond with the ricardo.ch categories
  • Set up the options for tracking your stock (indexing frequency, alerts etc.)
  • Fill in your API username and password to launch the distribution of your products
  • Manage your orders

All these actions are detailed below.

2. Open your ricardo.ch data feeds in Lengow

Ask for the creation of a new feed in Lengow

Search for the title “Ricardo.ch” so that you can see all the available categories.

Alternatively, look for the Swiss flag in the “Marketplaces” section and then choose the ricardo.ch feed(s) that interest you. 

3. Set up your ricardo.ch feed

ricardo.ch asks merchants to use specific attributes in order to reference the products in their marketplace. You therefore need to duplicate these attributes in your Lengow source feed. 

3.1 Creating a feed segmentation

Before starting to change your attributes, first you need to filter your products so that you don’t send to ricardo.ch

  • The products that you do not wish to sell in this marketplace. 
  • "Parent products", if your source feed contains any, since ricardo.ch’s system does not deal with product variations.

3.2 Match the fields

ricardo.ch requires a particular feed structure depending on the category chosen. 
In order to proceed with the field matching, you need to go to the page “Feed Management” then “Field matching”:

Verify "Field Matching" and complete the missing information. By carefully reading the definition of the fields, you will find:

  • the definition of the fields
  • the required or optional values ("Acceptable values")

Remember to change the values of your source feed with search / replace or automatic rules. If you do not have the information in your source feed:


Here are some specifics to take into account:

1 / Images

If you have several images to send to ricardo.ch, you have to concatenate your different images fields by separating them with a comma in the following way:

The first image entered here will be your main image.

2 / Average duration for the ad display

On ricardo.ch, the duration of your ads range between one to ten days. You can choose this value by filling in the "ArticleDuration" field. The accepted values are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10.

If you enter the "1" value, then the average duration of your ad is of one day. It will, therefore, be withdrawn and republished every day. 

The advantage of indicating a low number is that, with each subsequent publication, your ad comes back to the top of the search results, which inherently enhances them.

The disadvantage is that, with each subsequent publication, your product can be found as withdrawn for a maximum period of 5 hours.

Note: During the lifespan of an ad, ricardo.ch prevent increases in your products’ prices or stock levels. The images also cannot be changed.

3 / Publish your products on ricardo.ch in French and/or in German

To publish your products on ricardo.ch in French, all of these fields should be filled with the French values:

  • "ArticleDescriptionFR"
  • "ArticleSubtitleFR"
  • "ArticleTitleFR"
  • "DeliveryDescriptionFR"
  • "PaymentDescriptionFR"
  • "WarrantyDescriptionFR"

To publish your products on ricardo.ch in German, all of these fields should be filled with the German values:

  • "ArticleDescriptionDE"
  • "ArticleSubtitleDE"
  • "ArticleTitleDE"
  • "DeliveryDescriptionDE"
  • "PaymentDescriptionDE"
  • "WarrantyDescriptionDE"

Note 1 : Either French or German fields are requiered. By filling all of them in both languages, your offers will be displayed in both languages.

Note 2 : It is not possible to create one ricardo.ch feed with French values and another one with German values in Lengow. For more details, contact our customer support.

5 / "Pay U/RicardoPay" Method of payment

Before Lengow can add the credit card payment ricardo.ch has to activate this payment method as well. Therefore please contact the premium service of ricardo.ch. Here you find more information.

For merchants featuring the "Pay U/RicardoPay" payment method offered by ricardo.ch, contact our customer support to activate this payment method for your feed. The code dedicated to this method of payment, which will be entered into your optimised feed, will then be sent to you.

3.3 Set up product variations

ricardo.ch does not manage product variations. A separate product file must be created for each product in your feed.
For example, on ricardo.ch there will be a number of product files for the same type of bed:

  • One product file for product X, size 90 x 190
  • One product file for product X, size 140 x 200
  • One product file for product X, size 160 x 200
  • One product file for product X, size 180 x 200

You therefore need to filter your "parent products" if you feed contains any.

3.4 Setting your prices / promotions / discounts

It is currently impossible to manage promotion/discount campaigns on the ricardo.ch marketplace with Lengow.

To indicate the selling prices of your products, complete the "BuyNowPrice" field (caution: this price must be in Swiss francs).

Note 1:  You can add a promotion feature via ricardoAssistent. Here some information:

Note 2: ricardo.ch does not provide the ability to do auction through Lengow.

3.5 Setting your delivery methods and shipping charges

To enter your fees and delivery methods, complete the following fields:

  • "AvailabilityId": Delivery time (mandatory values present in the field definition)
  • "DeliveryCost": Delivery costs (caution: this price must be in Swiss francs)
  • "DeliveryId": Delivery method (mandatory values present in the field definition)
  • "IsCumulativeShipping": Enabling of cumulative delivery charges. Check the "true" value to enable the adding of delivery charges (when more products are in the same order). If not, check the "false" value; the highest delivery costs will then be taken into account.
  • "IsDeliveryFree": This field must contain the "true" value when the "DeliveryCost" field contains the "0" value. If the "DeliveryCost" field contains a value greater than "0", this field must then contain the "false" value. If the "DeliveryCost" field matches with a field from your source feed that contains the "0" value and values greater than "0", then:
    • create a virtual field
    • match this virtual field with the ricardo.ch "DeliveryCost" field
    • create an initial automatic rule to enter the "true" value into this virtual field when the value of the field in your source feed matching with "DeliveryCostis "0"
    • create a second automatic rule to enter the "false" value into this virtual field when the value of the field in your source feed matching with "DeliveryCost" is more than "0"

3.6 Converting your prices and delivery costs

Caution: the prices must be sent in Swiss francs.

If in your source feed the sales prices are in another currency, create an automatic rule to convert your prices. For example, if your prices are in euros, create the following automatic rule in order to ensure the delivery of the converted price   when a price is entered into the source feed for a product :

  • If the field in my source feed matching the published “BuyNowPrice” field is not empty 
  • Then this field becomes {conversion-eur2chf}-{Prix_TTC} 

Your delivery costs should also appear in Swiss francs. Follow the same logic as for the sales prices if you have matched a field in your source feed in euros with the ricardo.ch "DeliveryCost" field.

Note: The automatic rules on conversion are based on the price of the European Central Bank (ECB) and are updated in Lengow every 24 hours. As a result, it is possible that your prices will fluctuate throughout the lifespan of your ad. ricardo.ch will block this fluctuation, and it is, therefore, possible that the prices shown in your optimised feed and in your ads will be slightly different.

3.7 Category mapping

In order to correctly categorise your products on ricardo.ch, use the ricardo.ch taxonomy so that your categories match those of the ricardo.ch marketplace.  To carry out this mapping, go to the tab “Product Management”:

  • Open the ricardo.ch taxonomy
  • Search for your category in the taxonomy (press “ Ctrl+F “ to search for your desired key word)
  • Click on the corresponding line
  • Click on “SAVE”

 Don’t forget to click on “SAVE” once you have carried out this operation.

3.8 The options tab

In the “Options” tab of your ricardo.ch feed, check the various points and modify them if needed. For more details about this tab, consult our tutorial "Options" tab.

3.9 Check the attributes in your updated feed 

To check the data sent to ricardo.chconsult the optimised feed. All the updating that you have done in Lengow will be visible IMMEDIATELY (automatic rules, search/replace, matching etc.).

Comment: Check your updated feed as often as possible to reassure yourself that your parameters have been correctly applied to your new products. 

4. Integration of your catalogue on the ricardo.ch site

4.1 Limited to 10,000 products for the integration

Before entering your API login, you must make sure to send less than 10,000 products at a time during creation.

Download your optimised feed and if the latter is more than 10,000 products, you must put feed segmentation in place in order to not exceed 10,000 new products with each delivery of your ricardo.ch feed.

If your optimised feed is more than 10,000 products, contact our customer support.

4.2 Entering the API Login

You must enter your API login into Lengow in order to submit your product catalogue to ricardo.ch. To do this, you must go to the "Feed Management" section > "API login" tab and follow the following steps:

 Click on the blue link.

 Fill in the login details at your ricardo.ch login (provided by ricardo.ch).

 You then return to Lengow with the message, "Authentication to the marketplace: OK".

4.3 Sending a catalogue

Once the API credentials have been entered, your feed is automatically sent to Ricardo twice a day for the creation of your products. Once in the morning around 10am and in the afternoon around 4pm. These times may vary.

5. Stop advertising a product 

Lengow can only update the products that are present in your source feed.

In order to de-activate, i.e. stop selling, a product that is online on the ricardo.ch site, set the quantity to “0” in Lengow (for example, either by using an automatic rule or in the product file).

ATTENTION: If the product is no longer sent to ricardo.ch, without having set the quantity to “0”, the offer will remain visible on ricardo.ch and the latest stock information available to ricardo.ch will be displayed.

By default, ricardo.ch works by updating data rather than by overwriting it.   

Lengow implemented a security system that allows you to keep your products visible “virtually” when they have disappeared from your source feed. They are kept in the category « virtual products », in the “Product Management” tab. However, in order to avoid problems of over selling, make sure to keep the out of stock products in your source feed for 1 to 2 hours with the quantity set to 0.  This will ensure that the “produit indisponible” information (= unavailable product) is sent to ricardo.ch.

6. Order management

6.1 Order retrieval times 

Lengow retrieves orders made on the ricardo.ch site once an hour.  

6.2 Order processing

/  When a new order is placed on ricardo.ch, it appears in Lengow in the “New orders” tab.

Case 1: the buyer paid with "Ricardo Pay"

The order will be automatically set on the "waiting for shipment" status (“Orders waiting for shipment” tab) as soon as Ricardo confirms us that the payment has been made.

Case 2: the buyer did not pay with "Ricardo Pay"

This means the buyer contacted you by e-mail to pay the order.

  • If you arrange the payment of the order with the buyer: accept the order. The order will be set on the "waiting for shipment" status (“Orders waiting for shipment” tab).
  • If you do not arrange the payment of the order: refuse the order. The order will be set on the "order cancelled" status in Lengow. You also have to cancel the order in your ricardo.ch backoffice.

/ When your order appears in Lengow in the “Orders waiting for shipment” tab, you must prepare the order and send it to the customer. When this has been done, confirm the expedition. The order will then appear in the “Orders Sent” tab.

If you have chosen tracked delivery as the delivery method, it is at this stage that you need to fill in the carrier’s details and the tracking number of the package. 

Comment: If you are using one of our modules or our web-service to import orders into your e-commerce back office, you can import the order into your back office from the “SHIPPING” status (“Orders waiting for shipment” tab). When you have dealt with the order and confirmed the expedition in your back office, the order will appear automatically in the “Orders Sent” tab in Lengow.

/ Once your order is in the “Orders Sent” tab, we inform ricardo.ch that the order has been sent to the customer. ricardo.ch then informs the customer that the order has been sent.

If you want, you can transfer some information to the buyer via the ricardo.ch end-e-mail. For more information, please see this documentation.

6.3 Cancellation of an order

It is not possible to cancel a ricardo.ch order in Lengow. Go to your ricardo.ch backoffice.

Normally you cannot cancel an order because each sale is governed by a contract of sale with the buyer. But if a buyer does not pay or exercises his/her right of withdrawal, you can, as a seller, submit a claim for closing fees refund within 7 to 60 days. If you cannot satisfactorily deal with the sale, only closing fees can be claimed back. Publication costs and publication options you chose are still owed (this is subject to exceptions).

For more information, please see this documentation.

7. Information about ricardo.ch