Rue Du Commerce

Rue Du Commerce is currently being migrated to a new Mirakl platform. 

You will therefore now also find a "Rue Du Commerce CSV 4" feed in addition to your Rue Du Commerce Mirakl feed/feeds. This feed enables you to retrieve orders from their old system while Rue Du Commerce is migrating order management to Mirakl. It is important not to deactivate this feed and not to remove your Mirakl login details from "Feed management" > "API login details".

If you are still using the "Rue Du Commerce CSV 4" feed to create products and make them available, please contact your Rue Du Commerce account manager as a matter of urgency to find out how you can migrate to their new platform, or follow our dedicated guide to migration.

1. Introduction – How to manage your Rue du Commerce feed on Lengow

This guide explains how to configure and manage your Rue du Commerce feed. Before starting to set the parameters for your feed, please note the following recommendations.

Here are the steps you need to follow to advertise your products and to retrieve your Rue du Commerce orders:

  • Contact Rue du Commerce to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website and the categories you have to create in Lengow
  • Ask Rue du Commerce for the creation of your online shop on Mirakl (this is essential if your products are to be advertised).
  • Ask for Rue du Commerce feed creation in Lengow.
  • Separate out the products that you don’t want to advertise or that don’t belong in your chosen Rue du Commerce category.
  • Complete the "Field Matching" in order to match your source feed fields with the existing Rue du Commerce fields.
  • Change the values of your feed source by using Automatic Rules and/or Search-Replace to adapt them to Rue du Commerce’s expectations.
  • Fill in product attributes
  • Organise your categories so that they correspond with the Rue du Commerce categories.
  • Set up the options for tracking your stock (indexing frequency, alerts etc.).
  • Fill in your API id to prepare the distribution of your products.
  • Manage your orders (coming soon)

All these actions are detailed below.

2. Rue du Commerce categories

If you used the previous version of Rue du Commerce feed in Lengow and if you answered the questionnaire about your feed migration to the the new version of Rue Du Commerce, your feed(s) creation will be managed by our Support team. You do not have to ask for the creation of a feed as mentioned below. Go to the point 3.

2.1 In which categories do your products belong? 

Rue du Commerce works by categories. Each category has its own structure and corresponds to a precise type of product. For example, it is impossible to sell sofas in the "garden" category.

To find out which category is most suitable for your products, contact your Rue du Commerce account manager (this is often defined when you sign your contract with Rue du Commerce).

Once you have this information, ask for the corresponding feeds in Lengow.

2.2 Open your Rue du Commerce data feeds in Lengow

Each Rue du Commerce category requires the creation of a new feed in Lengow

Search for the title "Rue du Commerce" so that you can see all the available categories.

Or, look in the "Marketplaces" section, "French" flag in and then select the Rue du Commerce feed(s) you need.

In Lengow, you will have the same number of feeds as Rue du Commerce categories needed for the distribution of your products. Each Rue du Commerce feed is independent of the others and, even though there are similarities, each one needs to be set up separately, especially regarding the attributes.

Now let’s see how to set up one of them.

3. Set up a Rue du Commerce Feed

Rue du Commerce asks merchants to use specific attributes in order to reference the products on their marketplace. You therefore need to adapt attribute values from your source feed in Lengow.

3.1 Creating a feed segmentation

Before starting to change your attributes, first you need to filter your products so that you don’t send to Rue du Commerce:

  • The products that you do not wish to sell in this marketplace.
  • The products in your feed that don’t match the type of products normally found in the  Rue du Commerce category.
  • The "parent products", if your source feed contains any

3.2 Match the fields

In order to proceed with the field matching, you need to go to the page "Feed Management" then "Field matching":

Check the field matching and complete any missing information. Read the field definitions carefully and there you will find:

  • The field name.
  • The field definition.
  • An example, if there is one.
  • Whether the field is required or optional. A "obligatoire" (required) field needs an attribute to be input so that the product can be created or updated.
  • Whether it is a free text field or whether specific attributes are required. If specific attributes are required, you will see the following message: "Des valeurs sont imposées pour ce champ (liste disponible dans notre guide diffuseur)" (= "Attributes are required in this field (list available in our distributors guide)"). You will find here a file for each category. If you are using a field that requires valid attributes, it is compulsory to change the attributes in your source feed. If these attributes are not in your source feed, you must change them using search/replace or automatic rules.
  •  If the field is used to create your products (Product data: this is then shown as "Champ du flux produit") or to update them (Special offer information: this is not shown as "Champ du flux produit").

3.3 Set up your special offers / sales / flash sales

Please note that for the same offer, a promotion, a sales and sales flash cannot coexist, otherwise the offer would be invalidated.

3.3.1 Set up promotions

To configure promotions, fill in the following fields:

  • "price": this field must contain your strikethrough price
  • "discount_price": this field must contain your promotional price
  • "discount_start_date" : this field must contain the start date of the promotion (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • "discount_end_date": this field must contain the end date of the promotion (YYYY-MM-DD)

3.3.2 Set up sales

See our tutorial on how to set up sales on Rue Du Commerce.

3.3.3 Set up flash sales (= ventes flash)

To configure flash sales, fill in the following fields:

  • "price": this field must contain your strikethrough price
  • "sales-flash-price": this field must contain the reduced price during the flash sale
  • "sales-flash-start-date": this field must contain the start date of the flash sale (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • "sales-flash-end-date": this field must contain the end date of the flash sale (YYYY-MM-DD)

3.4 Configure your shipping costs

The choice of delivery methods has to be made from your Mirakl back office. Shipping costs will apply to all the product categories linked to a logistic class. An option is available, to allow you to propose free shipping costs. For more information, please contact your Rue du Commerce account manager. 

3.5 Set up product variations

3.5.1 Define a segmentation

Rue du Commerce do not want to receive parent products within the optimised feed. Realise a segmentation on your "parent products" if you source feed contains some of them.

3.5.2 Set up variations values

You may define variation parameters according to the product category. Here are the fields that have to be filled in: 

  • "group_code": this field must contain the parent id of your products (the reference that is common to all of the variations of one product). This value is mandatory if the product is a variation. It aims to group on the same product page all of the variation from one product.  This field is common to all the categories.

3.6 Set up products attributes

3.6.1 Refer to the attributes listing

Review the list of Rue du Commerce allocated to each grouping to obtain the attributes that you are required to supply to distribute your catalogue (See here how to read the files).

3.6.2 Fill in the attributes in Lengow

You may choose an option depending on your situation:

  • Attributes requested by Rue du Commerce are in your source feed
    • They match exactly with values expected by Rue du Commerce
    • They do not match exactly with values expected by Rue du Commerce
  • Attributes requested by Rue du Commerce are not within your source feed
    • You have the possibility and you are willing to add them within your source feed
    • You do not have the possibility or you do not want to add these attributes to your source feed

For each of these cases, please refer to the paragraphs below to know how to proceed:

  • Situation #1: Attributes requested by Rue du Commerce are in your source feed and they match exactly with values expected by Rue du Commerce

Go on the "Field Matching" tab and match the field from your source feed to the matching field in Rue du Commerce structure.

  • Situation #2: Attributes requested by Rue du Commerce are in your source feed, but they are not in a dedicated field (for example, they are in the "Title" or "description" field) and/or attributes are in a dedicated field, but they do not match exactly with values expected by Rue du Commerce

Go on the "Field Matching" tab and match the field from your source feed to the matching field in Rue du Commerce structure.

  • Then, use "Search and Replace" and "Automatic rules" functionnalities, to adapt the values from your source feed to the attributes values expected by Rue du Commerce.
  • For the attribute "Brand", the matching between values from your source feed and the one expected by Rue du Commerce coulf be done within a specific tab in Lengow, thanks to drop-down menus. Follow the steps detailed in the appendix.
  • Situation #3: Attributes requested by Rue du Commerce are not within your source feed and you have the possibility and you are willing to add them within your source feed

Add the required fields to your source feed (one field per attribute) and fill in them with values expected by Rue du Commerce.

Then, refer to the "Situation #1" above.

  • Situation #4: Attributes requested by Rue du Commerce are not within your source feed and you do not have the possibility or you do not want to add these attributes to your source feed

Use a CSV file. You will fill in it with values that will be injected into your product page in Lengow.

Refer to the appendix below to know how to proceed.

3.6.3 Match the virtual fields

To help you, some virtual fields are automatically created and matched during the feed creation process.

They correspond to mandatory attributes that you have to fill in for your products creation. 

3.7 Category mapping

In order to categorise your products on Rue du Commerce, use the Rue du Commerce taxonomy so that your categories match those of the Rue du Commerce marketplace. To carry out this mapping, go to the "Product Management" tab:

  • Open the Rue du Commerce taxonomy
  • Search for your category in the taxonomy (press "Ctrl+F" to search for your desired key word)
  • Click on the corresponding line
  • Click on "SAVE"

Don’t forget to click on "SAVE" once you have carried out this operation.

3.8 The Options tab

In the "Options" tab of your Rue du Commerce feed, check the various options and modify them if needed. For more details about this tab, consult our tutorial "Options tab".

3.9 Check the attributes in your optimised feed

To check the data sent to Rue du Commerce, consult the optimised feed. All the updates you make in Lengow are visible IMMEDIATELY (automatic rules, search/replace, matching etc.) in the optimised feed.

Note: Check your optimised feed as often as possible to make sure that your parameters have been correctly applied to your new products.

4. Integration of your catalogue on the Rue du Commerce site

If the data in your updated feed is adequate and complies with the Rue du Commerce requirements, you can send your products to Rue du Commerce. To do this, you must:

  • Check that there are no rules in your Mirakl Rue du Commerce
  • Enter the API username and password in Lengow
  • Consult the integration report 

Just to remind you, your Rue du Commerce vendor shop must be created in your Mirakl interface in order to advertise your products on Rue du Commerce. Contact your Rue du Commerce account manager if you need any help with this subject.  

4.1 Mirakl configuration assistant

If you have created rules with the help of the configuration assistant in your Mirakl Rue du Commerce interface, your special offers and products feeds may be blocked and they might not be sent. To avoid this problem, no rules must be present in your Mirakl Rue du Commerce.
If these rules seem to be necessary (for products that are not present in your Lengow feed but which are still appearing online on Rue du Commerce) ask Rue du Commerce to help you to find a solution.
If all of your products are set up via Lengow, delete them (in case of doubt, contact your Rue du Commerce account manager) 

4.2 Enter the API IDs

You must enter your API IDs in Lengow in order to be able to send your updated product catalogue to Rue du Commerce. To do this, you need to go to "Feed Management" > "API login" tab:

1/ Select the environment on which you want to push your product catalogue (Pre Production or Production). By default your product catalogue is sent on the Pre Production (test environment) so that Rue du Commerce can check that your catalogue is valid. Contact your Rue du Commerce account manager before to send your product catalogue on the Production environment. You will need to obtain the validation of Rue du Commerce first.

2/ Fill in your Mirakl identifiers :

  • Mirakl_key: Enter your API key here. To get it, log in to your Rue du Commerce Mirakl interface, click on your email address in the upper right ("My account") and then on "API key". If your API key has changed, you also need to change it in your Lengow account. 

Here is an example of an API key: b36a2665-109a-4135-a0f0-460d70568ca4.

  • Mirakl_storeid: Enter your Mirakl identifier here. To find it, connect to your Mirakl Rue du Commerce interface and click on "Boutique" > "Paramètres" (visible at the top of the page: identifiant: XXXX)

Remember to save by clicking on "APPLY".

4.3 Sending/uploading your product catalogue

Two distinct feeds are sent to Rue du Commerce:

  • Products feed: it enables the integration and creation of your products. It is sent to Rue du Commerce once a day around 1.30 am. If your products are free from errors, they will be created in Rue du Commerce and appear online in 48 hours, after the product feeds are sent.
    Note : You have to inform your Rue du Commerce account manager if you upload a new products catalogue.
  • Offers feed: it enables prices, stock etc. to be updated. It is sent to Rue du Commerce every 4 hours. When the offers feed is received by Rue du Commerce, the Rue du Commerce site is updated almost immediately. 

4.4 Products and special offers integration reports 

Products and offers integration reports allow you to check that your products (products feed) and updates (offers feed) have been correctly integrated into the Rue du Commerce site.

These reports only contain the products in your catalogue that have been rejected by Rue du Commerce. For each of your products that has an error, Rue du Commerce specifies the reason for the rejection.

Note: If all of your products have been correctly integrated and updated, all your products appear without the column "errors".
Note 2:  If the integration report is empty, it means it is not available yet.

Integration reports for products and offers are available and could be downloaded :

  • Within Lengow in "Feed Management" > "Indexing history" tab > click on the blue link "Report"
    • Products feed report : Type = "products_mirakl"
    • Offers feed report : Type = "offers_mirakl"

  • Within your Rue du Commerce Mirakl interface. Here is how to reach those reports :
    • Offers feed report : "My inventory" tab > "Import From File" > "Monitor offer imports"
    • Products feed report : "My inventory" tab > "Import From File" > "Monitor product imports"

5. Orders Management

Our Support Team has added a feed named "Rue Du Commerce csv4" to your Lengow account. This feed allows you to retrieve your orders from RDC, from their old and new platform with Mirakl.

It is important you keep this "Rue Du Commerce csv4" feed activated and keep the Mirakl access login into the page "Feed Management > API Login"

6. Rue Du Commerce Contact

01 84 13 04 03


A. Templates for attributes injection

B. Fill in attributes with the "Variations" tab

Go to the “Variation” tab > and then “Brands” 

On the left, you will see all the brands from your source feed.

On the right, you will see a scrolling menu with all of Rue Du Commerce’s brands.

You must map your source feed brands with those of Rue Du Commerce.

Remember to save your brand mapping by clicking on “Save” on the right side of the page.

When you add new products in your feed with new brands, you need to periodically check the mapping and re-save it.

C. How to complete the CSV file?

C.1 For mandatory values

Download the file relating to the product grouping for the items to be distributed.

In those files, only the mandatory fields are present. To fill in optional values, please refer to the following point.

In the first column (labeled "Product ID") enter the product code for the products to be distributed using this grouping. This product identifier should be the same as the code that is matched in the "article_sku" field in the Lengow feed structure; otherwise, the values cannot be added to your product files in Lengow.

Then complete the attribute value for each product (find here how to read the attribute listing file)

Here's an example for products in the "Garden" product grouping.

  • The rdc_brand, rdc_foliage_type and rdc_tree_type have been entered based on the values provided in the attribute listing.
  • The rdc_foliage_color and rdc_tree_height_cm have been entered as free text, because Rue du Commerce does not mandate any particular values for these attributes.
  • The rdc_unity_capacity_l as not been entered, because it does not apply to the category of products in the catalogue.

Do not modify the field labels in the template that we provide. These labels allow your attributes to be incorporated into your Lengow product files correctly.

In order to make the attribute addition working and in order for the values to be transferred to Rue du Commerce, go to the "Field matching" tab in the "Feed management" area to match up the Rue du Commerce attribute fields with the virtual fields that have been created during the creation of your feed.

Once you've completed the file, go in your Lengow account in the "Variations" tab > "Attributes management" and upload it in the "Attributes injection" section.