Brandalley / Sales

We are still waiting for recommendations on how to set up the upcoming Sales period for this channel. Please contact your marketplace account manager for information. The dates given in the settings examples are for information only and must be adapted.

1. BrandAlley Specification

1.1 Transmission of the selection of sale items file

BrandAlley would like to receive a file containing all references and associated rebates for the xx at the latest.

Requested information is:
- SKU or EAN
- Price before discount
- 1st wave prices
- 2nd wave prices
- 3rd wave prices
- Waves dates

For more information, contact your account manager at BrandAlley.

1.2 Delay in dispatch and unavailability

BrandAlley clients’ parcels must be dispatched by you, within the 48 hours (and/or within the contractual delays signed on by both parties) following the receipt of the confirmation of the order on your system. 

BrandAlley would also like you to ensure that the rate of unavailability of products remains low. 

2. Price integration on Lengow

2.1 Prices to indicate before the sale period

Brandalley may receive your sale prices before the sale period starts. Feeds containing sales prices must be sent for the xxxx at the latest. To do so, fill in the following fields:

  • "Prix de vente public": the strike through price of the item (or the initial price of the product when it was released)
  • "Prix de vente catalogue": the product price before the sale period begins (this price may be reduced, if a promotion was applying to the product) 
  • "Prix vente flash": the discount price of the item. This field is only useful for Brandalley to anticipate the sale period. By filling in this field with your discount prices before the sale period, you ensure yourself to have your sale prices online when the sale period begins. BrandAlley guarantees that sales prices will not be displayed on their website until the first day of sales.

2.2 Prices during the sale period

During the sale period, be careful, for your discount products, to fill in those fields as following:

  • "Prix de vente public": price before discount (or the initial price of the product)
  • "Prix de vente catalogue": discounted price of the item
  • "Prix vente flash": discounted price of the item

We hope you have a good sales season with BrandAlley.