CDiscount / Sales

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your sales on Cdiscount.

Sales offers must be sent to Cdiscount through your Lengow feed 72 hours before D-day at the latest. This allows enough time for checks on the channel side and ensure your offer will be online on the first day of sales.

1. Legal reminder

  • As a seller, you are responsible for price, stock and sales information you send to Cdiscount.
  • Sales are possible during French legal sales periods: from July, 15th 2020 until August, 11th 2020.

2. Configuring the feed

3 methods exist to display products on sales on CDiscount:

  • Apply a sales discount on unit balances
  • Apply a sales discount with a bulk file
  • Apply a sales discount through API

For both first cases, this has to be done outside of Lengow. Please read CDiscount documentation to know how to proceed.

The third case refers to action which could be done with Lengow:

The following fields must be filled in during the sales period:

  • SalesReferencePrice
  • VF_DiscountValue
  • Price

You can choose to fill in this optional field:

  • StrikedPrice

2.1 FieldsMatching

2.1.1 SalesReferencePrice

The "SalesReferencePrice" field must contain the crossed out price (the value must not be greater to the lowest price which has been applied over the past 30 days). Cdiscount will calculate the sales price based on this value.  It is usually the same value as for Price.

2.1.2 VF_DiscountValue

The "VF_DiscountValue" field must contain the percentage of discount applied to the item. It is a positive integer between 1 and 99 without the % symbol.

If this information is not present in your source feed, you can calculate it via Lengow by setting up a complex rule of calculation. It is not necessary to indicate the discount price in the feed, Cdiscount will calculate it from the "SalesReferencePrice" value and from the value entered in the"VF_DiscountValue" field.

2.1.3 Price

The "Price" field of Cdiscount must always be populated for your entire product catalogue, including during sales periods. It is usually the same value as for SalesReferencePrice.

The value of this field will not be taken into account by Cdiscount because the calculation of the final price is made as a function of the reference price ("SalesReferencePrice") and the percentage of discount ("VF_DiscountValue").

This value is not taken into account during the sale period. The value filled in the "Price" field, will be displayed for the product right after the sale period.

2.1.4 StrikedPrice

​It refers to the observed selling price (PVGC in French). 

Ex: a product is generally sold at 399 € in the market (StrikedPRice: 399), the merchant sells it all year long at 379 € (Price: 379)

Note: If the StrikedPrice field is completed then it must be different from the Price value. Its value cannot be less than or equal to the Price value.

2.2 Automatic Rule

Create an automatic rule to fill in the values expected by Cdiscount.

Here is an example (please adapt the following values according to your source feed values and select sales products in the rule condition):

During the sales period:

  • "SalesReferencePrice" must be filled in with the crossed out price
  • "VF_DiscountValue" must be filled in with the discount percentage (calculated through an advanced formula)
  • "Price" must be filled in with the same value as in  the field "SalesReferencePrice"

Note: To setup different periods of reduction during the French Sales amend the DiscountValue attribute the first day of the new period. Get a new Condition running to schedule these discount changes!

2.3 Commercial mechanism

In its documentation Cdiscount indicates that it is necessary to enter this information. Lengow takes care of entering it directly on our server once you populate the "VF_DiscountValue" and "SalesReferencePrice" fields with values.

2.4 Start and end date

In order to ensure that the sales are taken into account, it is important that you do not enter any start and and end date. Lengow manages this aspect directly.

2.5 Checks

Once these settings are made, check your optimised feed to ensure the fields requested by Cdiscount contain sales values.