eBay / Sales

To display a strikedprice on eBay, fill in those fields:

  • "price": with your sale price.
  • "DiscountPriceInfo_OriginalRetailPrice": with your strikedprice.

Caution: To use the "DiscountPriceInfo_OriginalRetailPrice" field, you should have the autorization from your eBay account manager.  Otherwise, your product will be in error.

Note: the "DiscountPriceInfo_OriginalRetailPrice" field is only available for US, UK, DE, Canada (English and French), France, Italy 
and Spain.

With a custom eBay template, you also have the option of specifying the original, struck-through selling price in the event of any promotional sales or special offers:

If you use a free template, choose one that permit to display the strickedprice ("Mode" template by example).

If you notice that your sale prices do not appear on eBay, please contact our Customer Support.

If you use your own HTML template, follow those steps:

  1. In the "Field Matching" tab, fill in the one of the "champ_template" fields with your field that contains strikedprice.
  2. In the "Ad templates" tab > "Edit your own HTML template", dynamically call the field "champ_template" that contains your strikedprice.