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Get ready and prepare your La Redoute French Sales in Lengow!

La Redoute only allows fully integrated merchants in the marketplace to participate in sales.

ONLY your Sale offers must be sent to LaRedoute before WEDNESDAY 1 JULY 2020 12PM
Any feed offer sent after this date will not be guaranteed for the launch and will not be able to benefit from the sticker SOLDES.Your products will be sold from the second day of the Sales on La Redoute. For more information about this, please contact your La Redoute account manager.

For more information about it, contact your La Redoute account manager.

1. Law about sales

We hereby inform you that the French Decree dated December 31, 2008 on prices reduction was revoked.

As a reminder, this decree provided that the crossed price to indicate during sale or price reduction periods has to be the lowest price used during the 30 days preceding the beginning of the sale.

As from now, you may freely decide the cross price you will display, provided that:

  • This price shall not be deemed as an unfair trading practice (for instance, the price shall have been used and for a significant period of time).
  • You must be able to justify, in case of control, of the reality of the crossed price you used.

2. Step1: Feed configuration from Lengow

To ensure optimum merchandising (sticker “Soldes”, boosting products in the lists pages, etc..) La Redoute awaits your offers feed with only your sales offer until WEDNESDAY 1 JULY 2020 12PM

Any feed offers sent after this date will not receive the sticker “Soldes” (this has no impact on the successful integration of your mark-downs).

2.1. Field setups

According to the process expected from LaRedoute, there are a few steps to follow within the Lengow solution in order to get your feed ready for the sales period.

The following attributes must be sent to La Redoute ONLY for sales products:

  • "SellingPriceAmount": must contain your discounted sale price.
  • "PrixBarre": must contain your struck-through price.
  • "OfferPeriodStartDate": must contain the sale start date "2020-07-15T00:01:00".
  • "OfferPeriodEndDate": must contain the sale end date "2020-08-12T00:01:00" (Even if Sales Ends on 2020-08-11 at 11:59pm).

21.1 « SellingPriceAmount »field

You should match the « SellingPriceAmount » field from La Redoute with the field of your source feed which contains your sale prices.

2.1.2 « PrixBarre » field

You should match the « PrixBarre » field from La Redoute with the crossed-out price from your source feed.

2.1.3 « OfferPeriodStartDate » & « OfferPeriodEndDate » fields

Indicate a starting date within the « OfferPeriodStartDate » field from LaRedoute and an ending date within the « OfferPeriodEndDate » field from LaRedoute.

LaRedoute is expecting values which should absolutely correspond to the following naming: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss (be careful to keep the letter “T” present between the date and the time).

- If your source feed includes fields with the right LaRedoute nomenclature then you can match them with the « OfferPeriodStartDate » et « OfferPeriodEndDate » fields from LaRedoute.

- If you do not have such fields within your source feed, then, you have to create 2 new columns through the “Source feed” tab in Lengow. Name those new columns as following:

  • LaRedoute_ OfferPeriodStartDate
  • LaRedoute_OfferPeriodEndDate

Once you created those 2 fields, match them in the « Field Matching » tab with the correct fields:

2.2 Completing the sale prices

Two options here:

1/ If you have a specific field within your source feed to export your coming sale prices without modifying your current price (those you are actually using on other channels), then match it with the « SellingPriceAmount » from LaRedoute.

Note: If you use one of our e-commerce plugins (Prestashop, Magento, Woo Commerce, or other…), it is not possible to get a specific field with the sale prices before the sale period begin. To get this field you need to precede a specific development on your own. Lengow will not take charge of this development.

2 If you do not have a specific field with the coming sale prices, you may create an automatic rule in order to apply a discount rate to your current prices. In the next example, we apply a 20% discount rate to all the products. Pay close attention to the automatic rule condition, in order to only impact products that you want to promote later on-sale.

2.3 Completing the sale dates

You should create an automatic rule to send starting and ending dates only for sale products. «OfferPeriodStartDate » and « OfferPeriodEndDate » should be completed as follows:

  • OffertPeriodStartDate: 2020-07-15T00:01:00
  • OfferPeriodEndDate: 2020-08-12T00:01:00 (Even if Sales Ends on 2020-08-11 at 11:59pm)

Pay close attention to the automatic rule condition, in order to only impact products that you want to propose on-sale later.

2.4 Creating a feed segmentation

In order to match this LaRedoute criteria, create a feed segmentation to only send sale products (either you have a field that indicates sale products or you have to list your sale products).

2.5 Checking the data

Download your optimised feed to check if your feed is ready to be sent to LaRedoute.

By this step, you should have in your optimized feed:

  • Only products that would be on sale
  • « SellingPriceAmount » field should contain sale price for on-sale products
  • « PrixBarre » field should contain crossed-out prices for on-sale products
  • « OfferPeriodStartDate » field should contain the  2020-07-15T00:01:00 value for all on-sale products
  • « OfferPeriodEndDate » field should contain the 2020-08-12T00:01:00 value for all on-sale products

If your data does not meet the requirements, we invite you to follow the previous steps (detailed above).

If the optimised feed contains all the values detailed above, you may go to the next step.

3. Step 2: Contact LaRedoute

Contact your La Redoute account manager to notify them that your feed is ready for this step and to ensure that it is received correctly on your end.

Help them to carry out their analysis by providing the two or three product identifiers that are included in your "Soldes" (Sale) feed.

We suggest that you use the "Activity" tab of your La Redoute field to check whether your feed has successfully been sent to La Redoute.

Contact our Support Team to get the the name of the BATCH ID (this is the name of the feed that you sent for the Sales). 
Example: « Batch 1234.MKP_SellerOffer.001.2020-06-14-12-23-51.xml »

How to avoid overwriting my regular prices before the Sales period?

You can continue to send offers without any risk. Contrary to the previews Sales, overwriting your offers Sales feed is not possible anymore.

The offers freeze: is the period of time during which LaRedoute deliberately block the processing of feeds that they receive. This is to secure the first day of the beginning of the Sales.

MONDAY 13th JULY 2020 is the deadline to update your regular prices.

4. Sending your offers during the sale period

4.1 Field matching

Pay close attention the first day of the sale period to values within your optimised feed:

  • Sale prices should be present in the « SellingPriceAmount » field.
  • Crossed-out prices should be present in the « PrixBarre » field.
  • « OfferPeriodStartDate » field should contains 2020-07-15T00:01:00
  • « OfferPeriodEndDate » field should contains 2020-08-12T00:01:00 or an earlier date if your markdown ends early.

4.2 Feed Segmentation

This step does not require a specific filter. In addition to sale products, you also have to send non-sale products to LaRedoute, in order to update all the offers.

5. Sales end

If you wish to continue on simple discounts and in order to avoid putting your products offline make sure to:

  • Set up a "future" offer with a start date of 2020-08-12T00: 01: 00 and an EndDate of your choice.
  • Send this new offer feed before the 11/08/2020 in the morning,

The stickers "SALE" still in place will disappear. The barred prices still in progress will become mere reductions with this new offer.

If you no longer want to display a promotion on the products that were sold, make sure you have:

  • Given your standard prices on the SellingPriceAmount attribute
  • Completed the barred price attribute with the same price as the SellingPriceAmount
  • Set up a startDate of 22020-08-12T00: 01: 00 and an EndDate at +1 year
  • This setting must be sent to LaRedoute before the 11/08/2020 in the morning,

Once your products are updated by LaRedoute with standard prices, you can empty the Start and End Date attributes.

6. Lengow intervention

We don't proceed to injection values on demand (via csv file), we had too many side effects at the end of the sale periods (wrong price, sales prices exported when the sales are over…) causing too many errors. This requires you to go through a specific field in your raw field or through optimisations in Lengow (automatical rules).

Happy sales with La Redoute!