To display your products to several Spartoo countries, your product catalog must contain all the data required by Spartoo in the different languages that would be useful for their display. 

In Lengow, you will realise optimisation on a single feed for all the different languages.

To manage orders placed on the different Spartoo sites, you need to have a Spartoo feed for each country in Lengow, as order retrieval is done by country. 

Specify the desired countries when requesting the creation of feeds to our Support.

1. Optimise your feed

1.1 Field matching

Spartoo doesn't request any standard structure. You can therefore find all of your source feed's existing fields in the « Field matching » tab. There is no matching to do.

However, this doesn't prevent you from using the “Personalized Field” column if you would like to add a value shared by your entire catalogue.

Example : if all of your products are the same brand and the column is not populated in your source feed:

Images :
Photos will only be uploaded once, then they will be stored on Spartoo's servers once they have been re-sized to comply with Spartoo dimensions. Photos must be in JPG format, square and at least 350×350 pixels. If they are larger than or equal to 800×800 pixels, then the zoom feature will be enabled on the site.

Description :

It is possible to insert HTML, provided that the Spartoo product preview page is not modified. Javascript is not authorised. The description may be viewed on the product page only.

Product name :
The name must not contain the category, colour or brand of the product.

Price :
The price only applies to the parent product. It is not possible to have different prices for child products.

PLEASE NOTE: If you alter your source feed by adding a field, then you must save it in “Field matching” so that it is included in the optimised feed.

1.2 Required fields

Each field can be required, recommended or optional. If one of the required fields is empty or incorrectly filled in, the product will not be incorporated. You will find a few CSV and XML file templates in the Spartoo back office. The file template is not required by Spartoo.

However, your file must contain the following required information:

  • Product IDs
  • Brand
  • Gender with the values requested by Spartoo
  • Price (the price entered for parent products will be taken into account)
  • Categories, which must be matched with those of Spartoo
  • Size (if the field is empty, Spartoo will consider that the product comes in one size only)
  • Stock (for each of the child products)
  • At least one photo (maximum of 8 photos)

If one of the fields is missing from your source feed, you will need to add a virtual field and populate it using automatic rules, for example.

1.3 Mapping the categories

The Spartoo browse node is available in the “Product Management” for your feed. .For each of your categories, you must select the corresponding Spartoo category.

You must click here to view the Spartoo thesaurus:
This will open a new window:

* Those categories are automatically updated every 4 hours.

Once you have selected the category, you must SAVE your choice by clicking on the button below:
Your categories are now mapped and enabled.

1.4 Selections field

You must specify the type of sport article in the field "Selections". To do so go to "Feed Management" > "Field Matching" and use one of the following codes :

  • 10679 for Bagages
  • 408 for Basketball
  • 413 for BMX / Skate
  • 10660 for Business
  • 519 for Casual
  • 10719 for Chaussures cloutées
  • 10662 for Chaussures compensées
  • 10664 for Chaussures confort
  • 943 for Chaussures de cérémonie
  • 10654 for Chaussures Fitness
  • 10661 for Chaussures fourrées
  • 19 for Corde / Espadrilles
  • 401 for Cyclisme
  • 405 for Fitness / Training
  • 406 for Football
  • 404 for Golf
  • 520 for Green
  • 411 for Natation
  • 412 for Randonnée
  • 409 for Rugby
  • 407 for Running / Trail
  • 10659 for Scolaire
  • 410 for Ski / Snowboard
  • 402 for Sport Indoor
  • 403 for Tennis

2. Integrating your catalogue on Spartoo

2.1 Spartoo API IDs

In order to link Spartoo to Lengow, you must enter the spartoo_partner_id sent to you by Spartoo in the « Feed Management > API ». This is required for your catalogue to be sent.

2.2 Sending your product catalogue to create products on Spartoo

Spartoo will upload the file every hour and integrate the information contained in it. The file must be as up-to-date as possible in order to avoid out-of-stock products still appearing on Spartoo. Remember therefore to configure regular indexing so that your product management is updated in relation to the data contained in your source feed.

2.3 Product integration reports

Product integration reports are not included in Lengow. They are however available in your Spartoo back office in the “produits” tab. This enables you to view your on-line and off-line items.

2.4 Stopping the publication of a product

Your new products are added automatically once they appear in your source feed.
To disable a product, you must set the stock to 0. When it is 0, the product is disabled and no longer appears on Spartoo.

2.5 Managing product variations

  • Parent Product or Product: For Spartoo, a product is a model and a color.
  • Child product: For Spartoo, a child product is a product and a separate size.

A product with two colors must have:

  • two different parent ID's

A product with only one color and two sizes:

  • a single parent ID
  • two child ID's

Note 1: If your variation concerns size AND color for the same product, then you must differentiate the parent id for the colors of the same model. For example, you can add the color after the parent id using an automatic rule.

Ex: If my color value is Rouge and my product id is id1|id2|id3
So my field "parent_id" becomes idparent_ROUGE

=> The products id1, id2 and id3 have now for id parent: idparent_ROUGE and can therefore decline in sizes on Spartoo.

Note 2: The stock must be associated with the child product. This is the only mandatory information for children's products.

It is necessary to send the parent wording, i.e. state whether a product is a parent product (“Parent”) or a child product (“Child”).
Here is an example:

2.6 Managing Spartoo attributes

If you have decided to enter values in the fields below, please bear in mind that they must match the confirmed Spartoo values:

In your field matching, you will find them in the form of four virtual fields. However, they may well be matched with the fields contained in your source feed:

  • spartoo_color
  • spartoo_composition (for shoes only)
  • spartoo_product_sex
  • spartoo_size

They represent the attributes that may be used on Spartoo. You can use these virtual fields or you can provide us with the reference fields contained in your source feed (for example, “SIZE”, “COLOUR, “MATERIAL”, “GENDER”). All these values must however be mapped with those of the channel. You will therefore need to perform mapping of these attributes in the “variation” tab in “Feed Management”.

These fields are matched from our side. You cannot change the matching of these fields yourself. If you would like to change the matching of these fields, please contact the customer support team using a Zendesk ticket.

2.7 Managing promotions on Spartoo

In order to run promotions, you need a “promotion” field that can contain either the discount rate (percentage) or the discounted price. All reductions are rounded down by Spartoo to the nearest 5%. For example, a discount rate of 27% will be rounded down to 25%.

You can also have “Promotion date” fields in order to schedule promotions or sales for the date entered. If the dates are not specified, the promotion begins immediately.

To set up your sales, follow our guide.

3. Order management

In order to set up the retrieval of Spartoo orders via our Webservice, please go to this link.

3.1 Order recovery schedule

Order retrievals are performed every hour by Lengow.

3.2 Possible actions for orders

You can perform 4 actions on your orders :

  • processing:The seller accepts the order, which is then prepared.
  • shipped:The seller confirms the order has been shipped; a tracking number may accompany the confirmation.
  • refund:The seller cancels the order and requests a refund for the client.
  • cancelled:The seller cancels the order without requesting refund for the client.

3.3 Meaning of order statuses

Orders follow different tabs on Lengow during the Spartoo orders treatment process.

  • New order
  • Orders waiting for shipment
  • Orders sent
  • Orders canceled

Within each tab, different status appear below your Spartoo order ID:

Here are the explanations for each status by tab. Contact your Spartoo account manager, fi you want more details.

3.3.1 New order

  • Commande en validation”:the order goes through an anti-fraud system.
  • Commande vérifiée”:This status follows the “Commande en validation”status. The order is verified by the anti-fraud system.
  • Commande en attente de préparation”:You have to accept or refuse the order at this status. You may also demand a refund at this status.

3.3.2 Orders waiting for shipment

  • Commande en cours de préparation”:The order is waiting for shipment (Status 2). At this status, you valid the order shipment and you fill in the order tracking.

Note: Status 3 orders (shipped) without a tracking code will get an error and the order will remain in status 2, "in preparation".

3.3.3 Orders sent

  • Commande expédiée”:You have handed the package over to the transporter. The package is being carried to the customer.

3.3.4 Orders canceled

  • Commande annulée, pas de remboursement”:The order was canceling, any refund will be done. Contact Spartoo if you want to demand a refund.
  • Commande annulée, rembourser”:The order is canceling  and then refunding.

3.4 Refunding an order

You can't refund an order from Lengow. To cancel an order after the first acceptance stage, go to your Spartoo backoffice. Contact your Spartoo account manager if you need assistance.

4. Common errors

  • Error blocking ID products creation on Spartoo

“Si les ID 'parent' sont après les ID 'child', ces références ne sont pas intégrées, elles passent en erreur chez Spartoo. Il faudrait bien mettre les 'parent' avant les 'child'.” 

Solution:Contact our support to know the procedure to follow.


Here are some information and advice from Spartoo:

As far as display is concerned:

  • Products from brands which were not handled by Spartoo will be displayed.
  • Products which are common to Spartoo and linked together (gathered on a same product page) will be displayed depending on price and availability. 
  • Products from common brands and which are not sold by Spartoo will be displayed only if visitors look for them specifically.

Sales can be optimised through:

  • A competitive price positioning.
  • An optimised product catalogue: product's name, pictures' quality, description, categorisation, EAN codes on the entire catalogue, so as to improve visibility on Spartoo and Google. 
  • A customer service based on excellence:
    • Free delivery (recommended)
    • Returns (recommended).
    • Answer to ticket, delivery slip with Spartoo's return instructions, order processing time, etc.