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1. What is a source feed?

Your source feed is a link (URL) which contains your product catalogue. The URL of this link, which you provide when creating your channel feed, is available in the solution: « Feed Management > Source feed »

PLEASE NOTE: Do not confuse this with your Optimized feed which is the feed leaving Lengow and includes optimizations made ​​in Lengow .

2. How do you ensure information from your source feed is reported to the channel?

It is via the Field matching option that you establish matches between the information in your source feed and that requested by the channel: « Feed Management > Field matching »

  • On the left: the fields requested by the channel (mandatory or optional)
  • In the centre: the fields from your source feed that you wish to send to the channel. They are presented in the form of a drop-down menu. It is up to you to choose the appropriated fields for your channel field.
  • On the right: values that appear as customized values (they take precedence over your automatic rules). You may enter set values here or dynamic fields contained in your source feed: example {Title}{brand}.

3. How do you send your products to such and such a category on the channel site?

For many channels, you must establish a match between your product categories and those of the channel. You therefore have in « Product Management », a « thesaurus » icon which can be used to create a category mapping. This is mandatory for most Marketplaces and certain price comparison sites.

PLEASE NOTE: Remember to save  your categorization !

4. How do you check the data sent to the channels?

You have to go to the « Feed Management » page on the channel site and open the optimized feed always available in the top right-hand corner of your screen, in a blue box:

You must then select the file format CSV to open the feed in the browser.
Copy and paste all the data shown into a spreadsheet so that you can improve the layout. You can then check the information that is sent for each of your products.


  • Open your optimized feed to check whether your rules are operational; all the optimizations made in Lengow are effective immediately!
  • Press CTRL+F to search for the PRODUCT_ID row that you would like to check!

5. You have made a change to your source feed; when will it be visible in Lengow?

Your data is updated between your source feed and Lengow according to the indexing schedule that you have configured. These can be defined in « Feed Management > option » :

You can select several indexing timeslots by holding down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard whilst you click on the “Heure” rows with the mouse.
Once indexation is completed, you will have the same data in your source feed and in the Product Management section in Lengow.

6. How do you link Lengow and the marketplaces?

For the marketplaces, it is mandatory to enter the API login in order to link Lengow and the channel. You need to enter this information in: « Feed Management > API login »

If you do not know what to enter in these fields, look for the desired Marketplace in our detailed channel guide or contact your channel account manager.

PLEASE NOTE: The identifiants API are mandatory for all the Marketplaces, but it is up to you to go and look for them in your Amazon, eBay, Spartoo, Mistergoodeal, CDiscount and RueDuCommerce Back Office.
For the other marketplaces, they are provided directly by the channel via your account manager!

7. How do you publish your products?

For the price comparison sites and some marketplaces (Priceminister, Rue du Commerce, Mon échelle, etc.) It is necessary to send the URL for the optimized feed to the channel in TXT format as stated in the email received following the creation of your feed.

PLEASE NOTE: For Google Shopping, it is necessary to follow our guide: Google Shopping

For the other marketplaces, this is done automatically once you have entered your “identifiants API” (Amazon, eBay, Pixplace, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE : For CDISCOUNT, it is also necessary to send the feed to your Cdiscount account manager in TXT format so that your products can be created on their side.

To find out more about all the features and therefore be able to optimize your catalogue as effectively as possible for the channels, we suggest you read the more detailed channel guides.