Teeps / Sales

We are still waiting for recommendations on how to set up the upcoming Sales period for this channel. Please contact your marketplace account manager for information. The dates given in the settings examples are for information only and must be adapted.

Here are a few tips to prepare your sales on Teeps.

Please contact your Teeps account manager to provide details about your sales offer.

Teeps proposes you some additionnal visibility on this period with special action/communication kits which could be adapted to your needs. 

  • Sales offers must be sent to Teeps through your Lengow feed or Izberg Teeps back office one week before the sales period starts.

This allows enough time for checks on the channel side and ensures your offer will be online on the first day of sales.

Set up your sales

You can choose one of two following options to set up your sales:

  1. In your Lengow feed, tab "Field Matching", enter the following information:
  • The price before discount of your sales products in the field "previous_price". 
  • The sales price of your sales product in the field "price".

The discount will be thereafter calculated per product.

  1. Go to you Izberg Teeps backoffice > Promouvoir > then click on "Créer une promotion".

We wish you successful sales on Teeps!