Create a VIP account

How to manage VIP accounts?

The VIP accounts allow you to grant access to co-workers or partners to the feed configuration or to the statistics tab in Lengow, for instance.
You will find below some help about the creation and configuration of VIP accounts in Lengow.

1. Create a VIP account

A VIP account can only be created/managed with the main Lengow account. The main account owner can access the VIP accounts from Client account / VIP accounts.

If you have several groups within Lengow, the main owner must firstly select the group for which the access has to be created. (It is also possible to select all groups).

The account owner must then fill in the VIP account information (email address - must be unique, name, password..). The email address is used as the login, and can only be associated to one VIP account.

2. Manage accesses to the feeds

Select the feeds the VIP account can have access to. Keep the CTRL button pushed down to select more than one feed on a PC (click on the Cmd button while click on the left button on the mouse if you are using a MAC).

By default, the VIP account will only have access to the feeds' statistics, but you can give a full access by ticking the box “Give permission to edit feeds?”.

After ticking the box, you can select accesses:

3. Grant access to new feeds

If you have a VIP account and need access to a new feed, you need to ask the main account owner to grant you access to the feed. The support team cannot grant you access without the main account approval.

4. Main account and alerts

All alerts (indexation issue, new products, new orders…) are sent to the main account owner. VIP accounts do not receive these information.

If needed, other email addresses can be added within the interface. In Client Account / Alerts, you can add several email addresses separated with a semi-colon (;).

5. Lengow's newsletters

By default, only the main account email address is used for our newsletters. If you want to receive our newsletters (information about the solution, news and new functionnalities, guidelines and tutorials…) you can ask the support team  to be added in the mailing list.